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my shit was like $120 from amazon, doesnt leak
this spinner shit is srs biz, shit is almost dry just hanging in 60F room
shit is like, dont put near the moisture
so i have it between my shower and my sink
gonna open it up and make sure all the timer shits is lubed
big plastic acces panel with giant exposed screws, wiring diagram on outside
i totally expect to hear a noise while its spinning and walk into the bathroom with china washer shrapnel everywhere

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the little agitator on the bottom of the tub got the water rolling and towells tumbling

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kevtris: spin cycle is going to make the most awesome trainwreck noise when it breaks
shit works tho i cant get stuff this dry wringing it out
oh its totally a sprung timer and giant contacts on a couple motors
theres two sets of timing contacts
soft and normal switch between them, but you can here the other cycle clicking and the motor not changing
the spinner is a seperate tub
its got like, safety switch lid, with second lid inside, and shit prob going like 1800 rpm
its pretty ridic
super stable st speed but all over the place spooling up

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my drain does not have the pump
wow spin cycle works
if china washer doesnt crap out, is an excellent buy

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holy shit spin cycles spool up

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so clicky

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little china washer doing okay

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19:09:29 < jero32> haha cnc with no lid on it
i dont even remember what happened to the plywood walls and acrylic front on my cnc
i just have a shower curtain to keep it from spraying my kitchen with aluminum chips

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wastelands 2 for $9 (reg its $40)
and more shadowrun games than i knew existed

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are you drinking and taking psych meds?
kidney and liver probably in overdrive, they should be monitoring them
sounds good

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because thats probably not the only job hes done

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impedance matched, nice

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