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why not just change it

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fuckin formal presentations
when i wear a suit and tie i look like a fucking coke dealer

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i think two valves and drain pump would do it

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that spinner shit is no bullshit, towells came out dryer than at laundromat. packed to top with two towells and pillowcase
naw prob just two
right now i walk three blocks
the washer did 3 big towels 2 hand towels and pillow case
and the agitator had everything mad tumbling
i had to go check on it because sounds like my clothes were drowning
im like, wtf did everything just tip over and sploosh? nope its just crazy like that
yeah is shit dont break seems pretty good
like, i gotta put the water in and drain out myself
no pumps
so i could add that
i have to research valve and pump shit for big school project
shrug was $108
if it had anymore id be worried the motor coils were made out of yarn

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ooo, $200 one has sensor dry
which is prob nice because prob takes forever
i dunno it would be nice because my towels are not so fluffy just hung to dry
shirts and jeans seem fine
yeah shirt just seem to kind of fluff swooshing around on the hangar
i bet this spinner thing wrinkles the fuck out of shirts
its to go with this

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definitely if this was about sex but its about cost and a grade
well, two grades
yeah fuck all that VFD just have a cool vibe
i think nixie tubes are ugly and dated looking, but VFD is hot sticky sex
like somehow they are retro and futuristic at the same time
maybe because almost seem holographic? shrug

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rab: am actually trying to avoid custom chars
i think im just going to do a 4x20 or whatever hd44780 from the digikey and tell the mechanical guys to put some lexan in front of it

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rab: are those char displays or segment digits or in between?
that ibm one

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i would need $40 worth of those
counter, semi-industrial test
two of them, one needs more than 4 digits
hd44780 seems like the deal, as far as reliable distributors and no dev time
12 could work
plus i can obviously do way more with it

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roughly, looks like hd4470 is $18 or so from digikey
and no dev/lead time vs fucking with drivers and decoders or a seg drive specific uC
im just going to do the hd4470, pretty sure
2 semester project so maybe i can layout cheap 7seg display over summer
well, i need a 4 dig and a 6-8 dig
thanks, i look more into modules with that part
so built in decoders and serial io?
thats basically what i want
and it handles low side?
well i look at it
price looks right even if i have to do a layout

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rab: doesnt that have to do with how the switch is actuated
i forgot the parameter, but pretty sure its indicating which position is actuated and which is sprung
im not sure ive seen it on electric component type switches, maybe just industrial billion cycle shit
speaking of, does anyone make $6 mounted 7seg modules?
hopefully with drivers and mount holes
i think im just going to spend the extra $3 and get an hd4470 (i need maybe three 4dig 7seg displays)
because that seems reasonable
the parts are about $3-4 new

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sculptor: hibiscus flower tea
plus sugar
too much sugar, my grandma makes it way lighter, but what can you do
yeah its great
macgyver0: this actual steak
not ground beef
oh that sounds good
most the herb teas i like have that in it
right ive done that or lemon peels in the tea
iranski friends russian wife does a lot of herb tea

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i get 4 or 5
plus rice and beans
plus large jamaica drink
i think like $8
or maybe $9 with big drink

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what are we talking about
i totally get my burgers extra cancer (well done)
w/ bacon, mushroom, cheese, and french fries because california uber alles
naw i live about once every couple months now
well, burger living
$1 street taco living is every sunday and sometimes tuesday

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