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first i get when im out of school is some genelecs with one of their subs
i will drive my genelecs to work

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no automation direct and digikey ones

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im hungry but i waited too long
i was making carts!

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apestate: you have big tires on it or road stuff?
neat that it can fig big shit
you just stay on fireroads and shit?
sounds fun
is like ~30 lbs?

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macgyver0: if you gotta do work...
what kind of bike you have
parts list looks neat

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you do do lope things
you are charging things without I-V reg?
in the sun?

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we maybe had one
well, start one if you want and post it and im sure well have suggestions and maybe can someone can stick it in topic
blackmoon has had some usful links with tons of super practical electronics and engineering maths, i think algebra and maybe some trig
but falls out of topic
because collectively we seem truly lazy at bots
tecan: needs a better logo

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