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the controller has a microcontroller AND an FPGA
school got a lot of free shit and theyre making the students use it
but im letting prof know i dont appreciate his upsell
this shit is a joke
the whole class knows c
prob just generating microsteps
its prob how they do it in another piece of hardware
and then the microcontroller interfaces with their shit software

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no dude
this is sold as din rail mounted industrial shit for towards $1k
for like 3 chan step driver
it would be neat if it worked
im trying to use variables and its erroring out with no details
like, is there scope issues?
who knows

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i cant believe im doing motor automation in a shitty implimentation of scratch

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this shit
is so fucking bad
thats all the documentation
some quick starts with some HUUUUGE gaps, inconsistent ui for the shit implimentation of MIT scratch
NO in app documentation, NO datasheet for the hardware (its a fucking sales brochure), NO fucking real documentation
they donated a bunch of gear, i wont even say the inflated 'cost' of what they donated
im basically going to tell prof if he doesnt get me a summer job there to fix shit, im writing off this hardware as trash. their sales engineering spent a whole lecture demoing this shit and giving answers that mostly made sense
shit i not done
should have BETA written all over everything

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