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i think i found the uart commands for the teletubby step driver
maybe i can just cp2102 that shit

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macgyver0: gold lined?

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heh manager kid at bike shop texts me like CAN YOU BRING A TORCH? SPIDERS

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guys, automation for 8 year olds blue screened windows 10
i didnt even know blue screens were still a thing

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macgyver0: caps
last line just sounds like something burnt
my tv is burnt by the windows icons
i dont care enough to notice if it goes away after awhile or not

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they can, you just afford those
theyre not even very good for prototyping, other than cosmetics
which they are great for

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ofc its not a reprep, but thats what everything iterated off of
machine tools went from giant hulks to just enough metal to not be thrown out of tolerance from friction in long cycles
3d printers are going from silly pieces of shit machinery to stuff that actually performs on par with cheap hobbyist machine tools

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justme2: sounds like normal 3d printing to me
enjoy your art project
because theyve invested a lot of time into their machines
its not diff then other machine tools
the shitter the machine, the better the machinist you have to be to get it to make acceptable parts
as far as machine tools go, 3d printers are bottom rung, basically complete shit originally based on design done by people who literally knew nothing about machine design
hence the repraps swaying back and forth as they print

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