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im pretty sure it handled that in the first couple revs

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what happens if fish gets into the motor
its just like little impeller accessory on the block?
its like the boat is the lake
yeah wtf
are nice ones aluminum?
bet it doesnt matter that shit just gonna cake everything up
prob have sleeves?

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did you put it in the water yet?
its monetary vacuum potential has yet to be realized!
you put an outboard in a trashcan?
im start calling my trash can the small lake
did you at least take the prop off?
how does that work?
does it knock it over or does the water rush around fast enough?
what engine?
did you at least bolt the motor to the trash can?
haha wtf
you riced out some trash containers
what happens if you run whem without water?

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kevtris: renting planes sounds kind of nuts
considering how people treat rental cars
yeah a frens dad had one with a friend of his
and that guy had a divorce or some shit, was like YOU CAN BUY MY HALF
he could barely afford it sharing
yeah basically
child support makes sense in a lot of cases, but alimony is kind of retarded
well ive never wanted kids so its a bit of a silly concept to me
like if you really like someone that much, why you need to get the law and god involved
im pretty sure they just throw away the fucking retarded ones

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blackmoon: https://www.rollingstone.com/glixel/news/video-game-industry-unaware-of-any-trump-meeting-next-week-w517316
looks like your old finance guy has a meeting

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21:34:37 < champi0n> burning in these canz
burning in your ears
burnin is mostly a myth
if it were a thing, it would mean that neither the transducer factor nor the headphone factory nor the product distributor tested the product
21:41:23 < d0gZpAw> idk if i got used to them, but they sound less tinny than when they were new
this is generally assumed in industry to be what consumers think is 'burnin'
its the amount of time a listener takes to get used to and comfortable with a system to decide they like it

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17:28:41 <@BlackMoon> 'Court rejects Allergan's attempt to protect dry eye drug patent by giving it to Mohawk tribe and claiming tribal law applies'
those are some creative lawyers

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d0gzpaw: yeah mountain gonna fall on your houses, should prob deal with that
wind is pretty crazy, riding bike not so mindless
well, its flat here and were not in front of a dam
worst that happens is the school grassy bits by the stream flood
we got a small river goes through campus
with foot bridges
sometimes trees fall on the bridges and take them out
oh neat
i dont think ive seen one of those since the 90s

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going for that school administrator demographic
they just picked colors and put them in a grid
likely more than three people involved
also possibly gov SOP
like those were the wires they had left in the canning factory they were making tanks in ww2

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d0gzpaw: dealing with $2k and $50k problems
rab: heh @ random wire color matrix

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