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stupid seals

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blackmoon: do you know about fortnight
delivery guy seemed excited, looks kind of like unvoxeled 1ps minecraft
free version is 100 player last man standing tournaments
o, spelled fortnite

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blackmoon: i get the little snap off cap pouches
theyre white
also tc listens to happy hardcore
because he is a drunk retarded college girl from 1998

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blackmoon: holy shit at his pivot for first turn
like, that road is this dudes jam

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stuff like that doesnt really sound like you are in a functional relationship

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probably because a friend of my much older brother said that i would be fine if i decided i wanted to be
anyway, its not the same for everyone, and my diagnosis came from places shut down for all sorts of illegal shit
so maybe bullshit in the first place
but generally, people on psychotropes who arent okay dont get better
she might
but im guessing prob not if she can be selfish and make excuses without consequences
people are liquid

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im not trying to play that game over and over, if someone says that shit and doesnt mean it, im not trying to figure out how twisted they get when backed into a corner
exception being if you actually do think the person is worth losing everything over
but if you are considering leaving at all, shes not that person and youre not that in love
shrug, that was one of my diagnosis, life didnt get better until i ignored doctors and stopped taking meds and decided to do shit with my life

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but if her reasoning for being rude and not helping is 'im bopolar' then shes likely not making an effort
no im saying youre prob not helping her in any way
the alternative is stay and both people are unhappy?
i mean its your personal shit, but if im in a bad relationship and they threaten to kill themselves if i leave, cops are getting called

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well, people have decided she has a disease and its not her fault, and she has accepted that
if you cant deal with that, youre not doing anyone any good by staying
stop being understanding
because youre allowing her to use a diagnosis as an excuse to be a bitch and not help
if you need her to help and she wont and her excuse is mental illness, then she needs to be treated by mental health pros
youre being a dick
by enabling behavior which wont help her if she was on her own
if she cant control that behavior, shes dangerous in many contexts, and youre allowing that to continue
her making someone elses life shit aside
im sure she has her side of the story

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idiocy is relative, id be happy with reducing the violent insanity in my life
sounds like sister got released instead of moved to psych facility, so mom is sleeping with chair wedged under front door knob
and im scared shitless of phone calls from my home area code
thats normal life for me
my fuckhead dad didnt die until he was like almost 80 or some shit
so this could potentially go on forever
other people have it worse
she has it worse
thats seems like a retarded reason to stay with someone
leave her and let the cops know if youre afraid of that
its not your job to deal with it and youre probably not going to do a very good job

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dude youre old as fuck
and because youre a reg, i wont point out the irony in your statement
yeah man in context of jero, youre old as fuck
youre effectively my age
shrug, i know dozens personally, maybe?
find a new line of work and new cirle of peoples if it bothers you
also mostly i was talking about pop culture
most the engineering students im in school with are pretty smart, just inexperienced

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19:56:56 <@BlackMoon> Some might say he was trying to *stop* justin bieber from commiting a terror attack..
jero32: yeah, bc people your age are idiots

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tubaman: ive used that cheaper one, its fine

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thats too much
also the trinocular is neat but i hardly used it
like, fucking with an expensive camera is a time and money sink, we took pics fine with phones through the eye pieces

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blackmoon: empathy evolved, we didnt create it, shrug
also its 'intent' may not be something we really recognize in context of like, sociology
i think whats going to be mind blowing is the speed at which is evolves its own designs
like, you have to trust that these designs you dont understand were made with some sort of erroneous input or algorithm quirk
like, in the end, working with AI might be pretty much working with people, like a lot of planning around expected mistakes. im pretty sure AI systems are going to have to factor for some range of nonsense output

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black dr: 'they all look the same to me'

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seems like a pretty expensive form of engineering, just make all the possible combinations and let the universe kill most of them
so prob the first thing it does is either destroy or perfect the economy

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blackmoon: jup
google dream thing is almost a proof of concept for that shit
feed output to input and it shows you nightmare versions of its training data
im pretty sure were fine until someone gets a halfass algorithm for generating operating systems working
then its prob going to do what living things all seem to be programmed to do, which is make more things that are similar but maybe better

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“This allows them to know how to perfectly label the training data - because they've seen it so much - but don't know how to perfectly label other data. What we exploit to reveal these secrets is the fact that models are much more confident on data they've seen before,” he explained.
so fix seems easy, just post process perfect matches into random values of pretty fuckin good
i dont think theyre ever going to completely fix issues like that
its kind of how the whole fucking thing works

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