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the python says my fixed point sex maxes out at ~0.5 * uint32 w/ 12b adc
i am converting to tenths of mv, then i will convert to the bcd, and use the trashy LSB to round the mv place
actually thats not true i have to do that double dabble trash
how come convert to BCD isnt a DMA peripheral
timecop: stm32 sucks because it doesnt have bvuilt in FPGA peripheral
i decided

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blackmoon: gates belt drive, brake disc mount

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rab: want http://www.gatescarbondrive.com/products/rear-sprockets/22t-9-spline-6-bolt-cdx

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yeah it would be easier to just make a little oven
maybe convert toaster ovens
toaster oven, chain, step motor, some sloppy bearings, done

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but right, put in your coffee, it it flips out and sprays it all over kitchen
takes out a little kid
so you can rigid mount to the racks
and start them racecar style
big starter motor into a hole
just imagine how goofy that would be, sounds of spooling up to 20k, and the drum is doing like 6 rpm
or something
torque converter
right so that being the other practical solution, little steam engine seems pretty safe

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ceramic insulator coils
yeah we do shit like that in physics lab
maybe just normal pendulum and weight system
is it a good idea to co2 tanks to 550?
yeah clock system with pendulum, weights and pawls is maybe okay
nothing that heat will fuck up, besides expansion
yeah or something
can prob just do a disc and mount weights to opposite sides
thats the other cool one!

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blackmoon: maybe some sort of consumable spring
for the oven tumbler
wait i could put water in a sealed piston and do a rack
i dont think that is going to model well =\
a series of interlocking and rotating sequencial valves of controlled mass and friction
right? like the initial joke solution is kind of the solution
how do i static?
jezus fuck you just mean gigantic e fiels
i think that will look cool
and thats literally all it will do

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timecop: omfg you can drag the pins when you alternate pin ^click in cubemx
and it moves the labels too!
to move the pin?

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welcome to college

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