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yes exactly
not so bad
tho sportsters are kind of okay
because its kind of like, yanks make a triumph standard bike

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i would like to see a dog poo with a martini livery
possibly it would be the greatest dog poo ever
if true, we can then just apply martini livery to bad things

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im the only person stopped watching that shit at 1.5 F&Fs, huh

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blackmoon: so when you do a lot of conversions and just maths in general, carrying units through like a sanity check
like, usually better to leave hz as rev/sec
you can call it academic weight
the more practical an engineering professor, the more they are cool with you using less variables
like, show an equation with symbols, and then put you known in, and pop out some shit with units, do that for 3 or 5 things per page
physics and dickhead engineering profs, they want you to basically work with symbols until you have this final golden equation
and then just dumb you numbers in and hope shit pops out is real

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i guess tau = 2pi is a thing since 2010?
but tau is already torque
so for motor physics, you have to come up with new tau for 2pi tau
everyone just uses T for torque anyway
and then gears and pulleys happens and its like FFFUUUUUUU... K USE N
same shit for m subscript
no one knows if they are talking about motor or mass load
i guess T is also M
civil people call it M, but there shit isnt supposed to move
and right, M is also the name of random blocky load

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baby butt is radial velocity and i think alpha is radial accel
greek letters are hard to write
its like, yo we have evolved this shit like 2000 years because this sucks to write
also note above that, turn is now standardized as the unit r
so like, i think i cant stop writing rev

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radians are stupid
aliens are going to get here and be like, yo why is your pi referencing diameter instead of radius and you have this extra 2 in like all your math
stupid fucking humans
no tau is something else

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right but you back of and steering comes back
its fairly intuitive
oversteer is not
naw because some lift is generated by your wheels
and youre going to get some downforce from the front end
honda civics cant really get sideways
like, you have to force it
only time it happened to me, i was doing maybe 80 on sepulveda where it goes through the santa monica mountains
and there is this looooong S turn
and i had bought new shit tires, and put them on the rear
and moved my slight worn super sticky felkens to the front
that did it
like, i was having to correct terring to about straight
normal civic doesnt do that, just goes straight off cliff
sports car optionally goes backwards off cliff

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like, reconnect vacuum advance for mad powers
like what mfkr thought of that
lets advance the timing with suck
theres a car with a little active windshield pressure scoop like that
early 70s i think
press gas, vent pops up pointing at windshield, sucks in from the brick wall aero thing going on
like the vent points backwards
obviously it works because 70s cars are shaped like 1st grade car drawings
well theyre almost useless compared to turbo charging
yeah GM had a few cars had it tuned for high speed forced induction
its insignificant until youre breaking the law
same thing with wings and spoilers
and almost no one on the street is going 100mph AND turning, so just more drag
shrug, its prob safer
more likely to understeer
better front then rear

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oh, yeah dude that should be cake
yeah cars are work
you would be tired all the time
yeah i dont think youd run into anything you couldnt figure out
wtf two
it was pregnant?
car is like, maximum design for mass production
yeah that shit is secondary
its not like americans were better about that
they just sucked at packaging shit so it was naturally easy to work on
like a fucking tractor
1980s was post emissions
but pre microcontroller management
vacuum tubes
vacuum tubes everywhere
and little diagphram valves like logic gates
yeah shit worked okay with a surprising number of those tubes disconnected

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on already worn pots the deoxit seems to like, soften up the ink
like its slidy because riding on gooey carbon shit
if i had to save a pot for who knows why id prob just try deionized water or some shit
alc if i had a way to test on another pot
pots are trash tho
i kind like the big rubby feeling wirewounds in the guitar pot packages
dip that shit in deoxit, prob great for it
now you can fuck it up again, conveniently
yeah but then you have to order more
or give up
for cars?

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regular deoxit fucks carbon pots
its good for switch and connector contacts and wirewound pots
and they make a fader lube thats supposed to be good for pots long term
but you can see carbon ink slowly washing away in deoxit puddles
guitar tuner cleaner?
like 30 years late with that shit
blackmoon: i think both

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blackmoon: the guy that resigned is someone trump was considering to replace his chief of staff
dont think he expected this one

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air conditioning is for the rich fucks

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