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02:26:04 <@BlackMoon> lol ewww amp having to live inside a speaker
right its not ideal
extremelt high end shit, you basically get processors and speaker cabs, and you use whatever amps
but generally speaking, the highest performance speakers for the last 30 years have been active speakers with built in biamps
theyre just stuck in the 80s
most home audio is actually low end boomboxy shit
in that context, active speakers have been around since the 80s
my moms boxy ass panasonic with the armyt of D cells

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tecan: maybe take out some stuffing

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your midi shoes work?
we need midi shoes videos

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fuck iridium, apparently

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guys i think it is magic you can make perfect 5V to 3V3 divider with E12 series resistors

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jero32: because you didnt star ground

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space rastas any day now

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right there are diff levels of skill involved
remember that head-on shit?
that mfkr was genius
they are just distributors upselling junk
like they seem to include special offers that you have to pay for and shipping and 'handling' fees
theyre tricking old half asleep people into giving them money
old, drugged, apothetic, whatever

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going to diff places with diff local tv was weird
13 is the channel that played heavily sensored action movies
like they would play robocop almost redubbed
shit like commando with sections missing
oh huh
i dont know anything about tv anymore
mom always has cable
i usually fall into a coma switching between cartoons and news channels
is not healthy
between that and crazy sister i dont think i should stay there anymore
dude that shit is so crazy
i bet informercials are based on hyponosis research

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heheh @ rotary switch tv
rab: with the useless second knob
i bet you it wasnt standard at all
for the UHF tv shit
pbs and spanish channels
and some weeeeeird religious shit
right LA had 2, 4, 5, 7, 9, 11, 13

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