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macgyver0: the one that doesnt change direction?
its fucking old
was posted years ago on vimdeo or some shit
its prob the gov playing UFO research group
bunch of timecops
its because some ufo research group led by some ufo group honcho released it as exclusive evidense

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so he knows its close like within an order of magnitude
anyway these lintech ballscrew stages have power-off friction brakes
and moment specs for the stages
i mean, its just options in a datasheet but fuckit, imaginary lead times dont matter
maybe i will make the ibeams square tube

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its not a cart bearing?
least it should be easy to replace
that sucks
i have to design a machine
that bores engines
i dont have a budget so i think im going to just get bigass linear XY stages and mount to a fucking i beam
naw i just have to size the motors
i think .01 over 4"
stages already beat that
its some custom boring head its imaginary dude
we have a bore and retract force

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holy shit raw coffee label said early grey in the list of descriptions
coffee tastes like earl grey

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tmx1: are you over driving the shit?
or is your psu sagging for some reason?

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pray for failure to fail

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i roasted coffee in an iron pan
like the man who first roasted raw coffee for me and frens

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kevtris' work either making some sales or in big big trouble
jero those were the backups
oh you mean like, two sets

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whatever is cheaper probably

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li-ion batt pack on a makita charger for weeks maybe
dead like a brick
it prob just doesnt disconnect it and some parasitic charge drained it
i took the one i replaced it on the charger with off and put it back, and it started charging like normal
it just decides its done and never checks the battery again

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they wopuld just leave it at the local gift and ship without even checking if person was home

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16:47:37 <@Rab> Yes. "Two channels of uncompressed lossless PCM audio or compressed 5.1/7.1 surround sound such as Dolby Digital Plus or DTS-HD High Resolution Audio"
support is spotty
also wtf is 8.1
at that point why are you not doing atmos or some arbitary setup

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