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wait what
so youre saying, normal operation, all the way open and throttle just controls how much fuel is sprayed in?

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i have to go back and research some of that, little blurbs ive read are like, wtf
just put it back eventually all the gas will get burnt!
prob an idle/cruise thing

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they are there one on the top of the motor
did you click link watch vid?
supercharger dont usually make ton of boost tho
just enough to get over residual exhaust pressure i guess?
oh huh
i never thought about that part
no way not before another cylinders fires
theyre all made to operate with back pressure
right this is for mpg
burn all the fuel
and i mean car motors, because emissions and reliability
right but the motors are getting crazy efficient
plus recirc stuff

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right im saying normal consumer stuff
looks like chevy is going to put opposed piston two stroke direct injection thing in a truck
no valves :O
no this does not put the engine flow through the case
it has two cranks
one above one below, and it looks like its just depending on exhaust mass and timing and port style to handle intake
yeah pretty sure this forced induction i dunno how forced tho
so this is like that, except with dual opposed piston setup
intake in middle and exhaust at both ends
yeah this has little drill holes for intake and big ports for exhaust
right i think that plus cooling maybe creates suck
like if timed right and all the exhaust actually gets out

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like what are the catostrophic implications of a crank on top of the motor
*wear down loud

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blackmoon: 15:28:41 < ggman-> http://gmauthority.com/blog/2018/01/2019-silverado-1500-to-use-2-7l-opposed-piston-engine-get-37-mpg/
thats what the video looks like
that shit looks like it wears down load =\

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blackmoon: are there two strokes with active super high pressure fuel systems??

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jero32: what amp?

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ya think so
load cell we got is a full bridge, so compensates for twist in the beam and temps, and you just stick voltage on it and put on diff input

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shrug, because every field is a bubble
thats strain
sigma is stress
static strain
its an offset
is it a load cell?
you maybe dont really have control over that
also itll likely change slightly
why scales zero themselves every time you turn them on

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