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blackmoon: eck0 is the turbo guy

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blackmoon: like a turbo timer?
turbo timer keeps motor or turbo cooling on after you pull key so turbo cools slower
for when you need to 0-120 mph to corner store.

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blackmoon: upside is it will keep fan on for like 5 sec on powerdown
so at least some of its robot powers seem useful

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blackmoon: no i have a honeywell heater is like a robot
it has cap touch button, thermostat thats useless because it turns the fan off when it turns the heater element off so it doesnt know wtf ambient is, and a little switch foot so it knows when it tips
oh and it oscillates

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sculptor: macegr?
probably murdered, my impression was he moved to a low rent area in east bay
that guy so white he almost translucent, so maybe okay
like a chameleon

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05:22:02 <+ReadError> renesis: how much school do you have left?
one semester after this
assuming i dont starve and die over the summer

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robot heater works now
i did nothing

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