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tubaman: $120
so one of the cheaper non free options
and free options are silly
macgyver0: what do you use?

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timecop: whats up with these altium mfkrs not taking my money on a sunday
fear: im lordpil
lame, cd4049/cd4050 dip still has best c/w on every spec except like, junction to top
same price as soic
gonna be a dinosaur board

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yeah just exports to png and pdf

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scheme-it at digikey is not so bad for schematics
like, seems pretty cool for integrating with digikey BOMs, but then what do you do with it

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rab: also w/ the extrusion plate it would be pretty easy to screw on steel plates for spacer and thrust washer loads, if i didnt just want to try washers and a bushing
and if it sucked itd be easy to move everything onto steel square tube
which i do not have
and would be a bitch to work

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rab: i usually use rustlick water soluble cutting lube w/ aluminum so prob never got super hot before sticking to the flutes
sculptor: like a little thing
like, behind a closet/pantry thing is a set a double doors to loading dock area
opposite those, there is a rollup truck door on the street
also there is a crazy amount of outlets on one circuit, prob for phones and printers and computers and other office bullshit

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only HSS im using is a 2" LOC 3/8 EM
besides drills
blackmoon: neighbor who is always mad at his candy crush team has a dog
its super quiet, kinda creepy
like i wouldnt know unless i seen him walk it
kind of
it used to be commercial retail/warehosue for sure

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10:35:17 <@Rab> I think holes will "waller out" (as we say in Texas), and structural members will twist and flex, with stress cracking not unlikely. Unless the extrusion is so thick and bulky, you'd be better off using steel.
its like 3" by 2", i think it'll be fine
waaaay more Al than any of the tube sections in the frame
i think the only steel im going to use is between the extrusion channel and the seat tube clamp
and the axles
rab: https://i.imgur.com/1Go6ftW.jpg
also ive done that and some panels w/ that 1/16" square EM after pulling aluminum out of its flutes
carbide ftw

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