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wont have any issues with oxidized tinning for sure
easily half of all eating engineers
could have use a paper towell at least

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its a dick
koreans do work
maybe not in the right directions but they get it done anyway
so the joke that made sense was, koreans in a hurry, japanese are paranoid, and chinese are lazy
and that actually does pretty much describe their manufacturing mindset
someone should make a polandball about it
honestly if that was loose squeegee'd off its maybe an okay start

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fan boost and car swaps kills it
city street circuits only isnt too impressive either

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yeah motogp is something diff i think
not sure but i dont think FIM and FIA are associated
and i dont think superbike is FIM?
ah, no it is
so FIA and FIM and you prob have 80% of racing fans worldwide
add touring trophies and hill climbs, indy and nascar, and you got like 95%
its dumb its like theyre throwing away money
im still watching F1 like i did 20 years ago, staying up until 4 am race starts

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he knows that acronym already means a thing right?
ill put $20 on FIA figuring out a streaming service in the next 3 years
are they WRC too?
theyre F1, FE, WEC
yeah so if it was just them itd be huge
like, one channel couldnt host everything
so itd have to be a network
yeah that would be epic
pretty much everything not purely american and professional is FIA
and the american series seem pretty friendly with euro stuff as far as media
like theres not a ton of customer overlap so crossover shit is good for business all around
like indy ate up fernando alonso
guy might have won if his engine didnt blow up, never done oval track in his life
GT racing is better racing
theyre like, everything big outside of america
some regional GT stuff isnt FIA i think

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well new owners so no one knowing wtf outcome is
liberty media dont get it totally, but they know that and theyre flexible
like, they interact with the reddit r/f1 mods a lot
they do surveys, we bitched about like, hey assholes this is a global sport and you only kept the survey open 14 hours
next one they kept open a few days
i think formula e to dev batteries and formula 1 to dev hybrid systems actually worked out kind of cool
yeah bernie lost it season before last
FOM sold to liberty media
like, i got mad respect for bernie, he built it into something world class, it is the pinnacle
but its his and theyre still unwrapping it
like, theyre still locked into all his TV deals
so they couldnt do online streaming first year
theyre doing it
theyre late they wanted to release for melbourne
they did a beta
it was awesome, some people found a test link for billing
and they paid even tho it said billing period 15 min
and they got billed every 15 min

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not for 10 years at least
thats hauling ass on the tech and infrastructure and gove clearing a path
i think racing is going to help a lot
formula e dropping car swaps and all the manufacturers going all in is huge
like, 2019 or 2020 theyre doing full races no battery swaps
then its about getting them good enough to do real F1 circuits
high speed, instead of just street races
like, high duty cycles, with high forces
thats not the public plan but if they dont F1 will go electric
the car swaps and the street races are because of technology limitations
like, they cant monza, basically
theyll burn up or just run out of battery even faster
like, monza would take four cars and 3 swaps
fucking seatbelt mechanics, i cant take that shit serious
macgyver0: right formula d style racing would be a good test
because its constant duty + control
no one is really sure past 2019
theyre figuring out now
ferrari is crying about quitting like normal
but mgu-k and mgu-h are basically industry saving technologies
and they free up battery dependency since that tech doesnt seem to be there

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but i think making cars light and maintaining safety, the whole gordon murray light and safe concept, is prob only way to keep ICE going anyway
yeah but do you have fun with it?
i think a turbo and conservative mapping and its kind of ballpark what you would want
just the size/weight/power
like if cars get under 2000lbs again, could totally work
affordable engines are going to get that much more efficient
right so just do that but dont tune it for back flipping the car
because mercedes F1 level of efficiency is never going to happen in mass production
the timing and tolerances involved arent going to be practical until ICE is dead
so only way to keep mpg going up is making the cars lighter
and since they got sooooo fucking fat to get safe since the 80s, i think theres a lot of mpg there
yeah but batteries arent
and wont be for awhile
its not i dont think

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okay yeah then not cvt and the modes were maybe shift style
the front end look taken from that
right its def a remapped drive by wire thing
reviewers seem to like them
like, comfortable with decent scoot
theyre making big scooters now
i think even aprillia has them
everyone seems to be making cool looking n00b friend stuff
im surprised theyre not using motors like that in cars more
i guess because little pistons?
well, smart i guess is leveraging the whole thing being light
so light motor is big overall efficiency gain

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its basically Honda Kineda Bike
naw not the gold wings
styling is similar but way smaller
cruiser seating position but it looks kind of sport
its an akira bike
yeah totally
its very robot interface
like, 3 tunes modes, or something, whole UI changes color to indicate mode

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i used to get behind bikes and keep like a 4 car gap min
like, riders are usually a lot more predictable and generally safer than drivers
youre a lot taller too
touring and standard bikes
almost like horse tall
id almost get rear ended by cops when i had that 1700 lb crx
yeah id say sorry
their bikes prob almost as heavy as that car
theyre prob like 600lbs or something crazy?
like all loaded up for cops
oh plus rider
yeah totally
yeah crazy
hey so you like those new honda sport cruiser things?
i think they got CVTs

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if you are bobbing and weaving, doesnt matter how safe youre being theyll ticket you, either speeding or wreckless
but if youre like, passing to create gaps for safety, they dont care
like, ill go 85mph to create a 4 car length gap behind me and then back off, cops are fine with shit like that
like, as long as youre going straight
ill kick it in the fast lane all day, too, if it means more gap with the people im driving near and everyone is above speed limit
what car?
ooh, yeah dude they just want you guys to be careful and safe
most sane drivers feel same way

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or they are waiting on something, like docs from insurance
they try to do deals on everything
kevtris: ha
why i stick to the canyons and freeways
he prob just assumed you were speeding to pass
i dont think its legislated honestly
it think its just kind of assumed itll happen and its kind of cops discretion
yeah maybe
but like, for example, in most of california you can be doing 70mph in 65mph with a cop cruising along
because before cop showed up traffic was doing 85
and cop doesnt really want to do 65 either
its weird
but really, its all at discretion of the cops
like you usually dont get speeding tickets unless youre either alone, or being stupid at the same time

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yeah court can become major drama for a cop
that wouldnt fly in los angeles
i think traffic court you can get continuances indefinitely if judge doesnt care
yeah that sounds like something got messed up
the traffic attorney guys can do continuance
like if cop cant show up or they didnt have time

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yeah fuck that enough power for students
its an auction, were going to ride it around during the auction to bring in customers, and probably some kid doesnt know much pays too much for it
timecop: im doing electric over summer hopefully
yeah those seats are nice testing shit bikes
wtf wood
gonna delaminate and slice her butt up
rab: is it at least single piece?
actually glues prob stronger than the wood
i might get mem foam thing with rubber springs

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does yours have a sleeve?
compression still fine?
were selling it in a week
well maybe
we might not because brakes so bad and brake lever is actually a clutch
thats kind of fuckin genius
well, front derailleur shifter might last
ill let em know

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yeah we should, its clean tho
so yeah, definitely newer
its got like, 4 big finger channels going down on the airbox cap
so maybe 4x 1/4" holes
so prob okay if we get a filter sponge
are new filters dry?
yeah jeeze, ours is prob 1/4 size of that carb
say turned or the machinists at the shop gonna laugh at you
yeah we got your motor from a shittier mold
is all about that maxxis sex
we have identical tank
cant fuck with holy rollers

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i feel like using a disc brake mount and then having a clutch somewhere would be ideal
honestly most of the put put kits look look like theyd work with it
like, the clutch motor and chain tension setup looks okay for disc hub setup
so the spoke clamps are confusing
other than it works off the shelf with a $100 walmart cruiser
okay so disc hubs prob trickle in in the next couple years
strip the aluminum?
or you mean the C bent steel links?
yeah i think this uses steel loops and some steel cross clamps and nuts
like through holes in the block
no idea tho we werent paying attention to that
like, we were like, how is there no gas dripping out of the exhaust after 30 min
15 min later, its dripping
it wasnt new but it hadnt been run a ton
this is on the new side
air filter has no filter element

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right thats what my guess was
like center tapped coil and we collapsed the charge
its got a cutoff on the accelerator
i think goes into the coil box?
not sure, cables are a bit messy and a fellow kid had it running so we were just troubleshooting
like, wires got moved around, the accessory wire was loose before
instead of block shorted
yeah i think it just shorts the coils
or opens them across a big gap
yeah this doesnt have posts\
and the brake mount is being used for fenders
and the gap is for old calipers
not new road brakes
so its going to suck anyway
i guess cruisers are popular because of the frame gap for the motor?
otherwise, hybrid w/ disc brake hub would be more ideal
and vrakes front and back, min
cruisers are the thing
we are a bike city, and thats what everyone is using
with spoke clamps
its dumb
cheap tho, theyre usually huffy or next , total shit cruisers
yeah it just seems dumb when disc hubs are almost standard issue
they will be standard issue in 5 years
with the freewheel crank?

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blackmoon: we got a motor bike running today
like, chinese character choke labels, no sleeve in the aluminum cylinder
spoke clamp sprocket
anyway what are the 3 wires coming off the magneto?
theres two wires goes to potted box, prob ignition coil, which connect to spark plug
the third wire was shorting to the block and wouldnt run until i cut it
someone said they think it is an accessory wire, like for bike lamp
anyway, fuck cruiser coaster brakes, we can get the thing hauling ass then it feels like a death trap

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timecop: i asked school project sponsor what the EE at their job uses, he comes back like, guy says orcad
im like, damn is guy old? hes like, ya
its light straight out of win 3.11
*like ^
revfresh sounds like a bad car tuner youtube

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timecop: their CS seems okay, he got back in the morning and said an email with license and download info would happen in usually a day
eagle was about same hoops the couple times ive done it

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like, cmon buddy give me some led blinks or something
takes maybe 5-10 min of charge before it comes back from the ether
oh and the keyboard tactile feedback is trash it false negatives
but my fingers seem to have compensated
or i guess thats a false positive? maybe a perspective thing
you can get the keys to tactile click without hitting the switch
like if you hit slow in the corner
they should put second switches low in the corner and make it a feature

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its like how one of my job did amplifier specs for their speakers
Amps: Two
ive used older raspi zero and a version 3, both did desktop work fine
no diff than lunix on budget hardware 10 years ago
plugged into tv w/ usb kbd/mouser, shit just worked
programming the gpio and peripherals also just worked
i dunno how many cores or how fast because hasnt ever mattered, has always been enough w/ headroom
timecop: chuwi experience is like original eeepc experience, but w/ badass screen
only real annoyance is that is basically acts bricked on super low battery

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tecan: dunno man my $5 raspi worked fine
mini hdmi is a little annoying but ill live
bike shop got a timecard computer, its a lenovo pizzabox tower smaller than a wrt54 router
works pretty well @ firefox and chrome
and excel

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