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timecop: i didnt realize my db9 model was solidworks part and not step file
it worked anyway
it threw some persistent access destroyed object error and i had to race condition alt-F4 to get program closed, restarted okay
but this shit is so fucking beautiful i dont care, and ive just made footprints
error happened way before doing any 3d shit, dunno maybe had something selected then deleted and found a bug

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what is male in german?
yeah not that
maybe standard?

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blackmoon: right like maybe factory just attached new cab?
i bet you dont even need to replace a lot of the hydraulic drive gear
heh, this process valve i was looking at for water is like, YA I DO AIR WATER HYDRAULICS WHATEVER
guys why is S designation for male in assman part numbers
female is F

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blackmoon: its prob worth overhauling?
like i wonder how bad water is for shit that big, and a lot of the cost is prob just in raw material

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any flat fingers?

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oh it doesnt spool it?
thats neat
he do linework or plumbing or something?
like he welds and drives rivets?

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for those dinosaurs with all the money
what is chain style
like it has a sprocket and the cable is a chain?

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like if you want to change how a section of trace is routed, you just route new section in parallel and it auto removes the older redundant section
i think that could speed things up a lot
especially towards end, it has a lot of cool multi trace push editing modes
and yeah, outputs to step files, and can import step models so you can check for mechanical interference when you DRC
plus everything in one program UI, instead of splitting it out into 4
seems perfect for side by side use with solidworks
their examples all mention PRO:ENGINEER shit

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reading some altium docs, this loop removal thing looks exciting

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i dont even want to know what mobile irc is like
ssh w/ hackers keyboard is usable
yeah ive used both those, theyre fine
juicessh interface seems a bit cleaner

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macgyver0: yeah man dont think too hard about life
lets not even get into common bathroom procedures

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altium licensed is arrived

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