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is it holding up your house?

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timecop: i can import pcb as step, work on solidworks assembly awhile, be like, oh PCBA should be on right instead of centered to eat up some cable length and make room for panel grommets, sensors can move to other side and then more radius on air tubes and baffle standoff screw to other side centers it in assembly
and then go back to altium and change pcb and pop out new step file
and then my solidworks model is perfect <3 <3 <3
also fuck that BOM integration shit as assembly, creates so many useless parts without extra clitckwork, so itll just be PCBA part in solidworks bom

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woah cool, when you drag and drop a part into an assembly in solidworks, it just appears as the part under the cursor

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timecop: omg i think the way it exports step files, side effect is solidworks BOM integration. mechanical engineering department uses solidworks BOMs
for knives?
wtf 40 grit
might as well use the street

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timecop: seems to be something weird about step import/export dealing with how color info is stored on things that solidworks patterned
like, solidworks part -> step part -> altium -> step pcb
like, only the first pins have color in my sensor and pin header
huh, all of the solid bodies make it through
its like altium -> step, its not applying some repeated surface property along with the repeated surfaces

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oh fuck that
that would drive me nuts
need like a couple minute loop at least
no a 21 second loop
after a few minutes youd lock into the pattern

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like it changes up before you can get into it or get sick of it

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is this from a server?
thru hls_160_00180.ts
its prob in the same server directory
i like this set
i think this is chill wave?
whatever the kids were calling ambient trip hop 5 years ago
yes exactly
most stuff like this is kind of cinematic, too, lots of pad synth and buildups, isnt crazy repetitive

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like, stuff like arturia and the soft synth guys upstairs are cool
but the little shops making little modules almost for themselves because they <3 this shit, coolest shit at NAMM
ha never pay my loans off going down that hole
i guess the trick would be to convince those guys to let me make all their shit
it needs source files
its a playlist, but foobar wont load anything because the files arent there
open it in a text editor

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for example bangers and songs
i used to loopback the SPDIF on my soundcard
for recording
usually do it in reaper or similar to bypass all the windows stuff
i dont have that interface anymore but i think this mobo has a toslink in and out
whats sbc noise
anyway, at NAMM, i think i had the most respect for the synth geeks
downstairs with the chinese audio factories, almost no money in their booths, a lot of young guys, need to have i think $10k in sales to get in
but like, if i could be anything at NAMM, i think it would be those guys

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timecop: whats this room shit and should i not be deleting it?
k clicking
was listening to this
but they left efnet so you can be like fuckem if you want
sculptor: heh @ steven wright sounding pothead scientist sample
sculptor: nom, is like trip hoppy
needs a sad girl singing
nice, cue jaded girl acapella
sculptor: this is really cool!
i need to rebuild my bass guitar
eating food with pickup and bridge money was great and all but i want to make sounds

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timecop: i keep getting confused because i lose the schematic app that doesnt exist

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timecop: also i like the eco style lib updates

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timecop: shit is great
timecop: im doing solidworks of connectors and sensors and the import w/ colors and shit
i havent done pcb yet but im almost done with schematic and 3d parts library for this board

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jero32: damn this guy isnt fucking around

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jero32: neat
where does it say how to do the coils?
else this is just really long version of general purpose smps switcher IC equation table
the inductor current plots are neat tho
neat goes over inductor sizing in examples

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