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i imagine some modern ones have some way to work two dogs along one shaft with two shift gate slots

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i just 5min in!
*on all
i have need sleep
had to be at work at 8:30 for bike auction =\
yeah i think its usually two rows usually?
and some dogs are reused, like double sided
yeah i think on a car, each vertical shifter slot is a shaft, and the lever pushes one dual sided dog forward and back

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i bet scarbs knows
blackmoon: havent seen this, but the mercedes have the most advanced car, and craig scarborough is basically most credible F1 engineering journalist
'cartridge' gearbox
im still listening to intro
theyre meshed?
yeah then theyre basically syncing dogs and trying not to hit face to face
yeah has to be reliable
and is probably way smaller than it has any business to be
and reverse is usually comically small
from my understand is even on actualy gearbox teardown its hard to notice because its just so little

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i think mclaren still does all the stardized electronics
they provide electronics for multiple race series
for an idea of how fast this shit goes
they shift by tracking gear position
and just crashbox it at the right time with actuators
right they put encoder on them
and just got the timing down
im not sure if they are there but im pretty sure theyre trying to basically align the dogs
they might be synchromeshed, dunno
theyre prob not helical cut
thats the thing
they might be doing it direct and pulling it off because they spent $100M over years developing the transmission
fully automated gearboxes about 18 years old
blackmoon: it might just be a tooth edge geometry
right im saying they may have reduces that to the point where some slop on the tooth end is enough

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one engine per car, first race, so two left each
i think next year is a mjor rules change, and 2021, liberty media is introducing a cap
and that isnt negotiable with teams
take it or leave it, it was a presentation, not a discussion
thats a huuuuuuge departure from when bvernie was running things
formula 1 refers to the rules, thats the formula
the sport is literally gaming the formula
finding the loopholes
its an engineering competition
if you do way to good, they will ban your advantage
or all teams will just copy it
so your advantage is fleeting
but for example, Brawn GP had a working double diffuser in their only season
everyone else took about half a season to catch up
and they won way less 2nd half
but they defended well enough to win the championship
basically its to the point that drivers are pushing cars to absolute theoretical limits
like, last qualy, two drivers got the same time to the thousandth
in two completely diff cars
first driver gets the position
that happened 3 ways in the 90s
3 cars, same time, same session, three decimals
its about consistency, precision

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i know how you drive in NFS
rubbing is racing
unless your in cars that actually go fast
then contact just breaks your things and maybe ruins your aero downforce
this season of F1 looking pretty mixed up 2 races in
mclaren basically was last last year, of 10 teams
two races this year, top place only 5th, but theyve finished both cars both races, and theyre 3rd in the constructors championship
honda did horrible first race, confirming that dropping honda was a good move
however, 2nd race, toro rosso got 4th with the honda
mind blowing
right in a game with damage you would have fucked your car
well they blew up two engines first race
after 3rd engine, every engine is 5 place grid penalty

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i have bunch of 7seg VFD tubes
in preamp envelopes
7seg green > nixie front red
kevtris: kevtris yeah i was going to ask what the grayscale res was like
looks like two shades of each?
yeah the koth frame was more than id have guess for something like that
some of the burning looks like a chibi guy in a mask
6 bar from left halfway down
for awhile i thought you put some game frame behind it

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we got one with a snapped v brake post, prev owner hacked the brake on anyway
smaller thread posts
like, every other bike has standard posts that swap
cannondale uses some small thread post for same post diameter

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I KNOW YOU FIXED IT like pad brakes arent 100x better than a used up coaster
yeah totally
and like, front brake on handlebars and foot brake rear is like, the way
dunno seems insuitive
yeah i was basically riding around the aution, and then stomping out the pedal to stop
theyre just lazy they didnt want to change the fork
yeah thats EU style
but thats how a lot of us setup bikes
sale bikes tho, front on left, rear on right
well sell front only, tho
thats how a lot of the hipster bikes come from the factory
jero32: most people use both
its kind of natural and its going to stop you best
front only is safest if youre just going to have one
its going to grip more, so its going to stop better
post snap or something?
so we get these cannondales, and theyre like totally proprietary

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im like that with electronic components
like i found a bunch of LM317 tubes, for years i been like 'fuck i with i had some LM317'
yeah i have maybe 20 or 30 of them
digikey shipped in 6" tubes
i think i have 3 or 4 of those
but all my AVR programming stuff is finicky as shit, the driver and app integration
shit doesnt work half the time
blackmoon: clutch tension setups on the china motorbikes is funny
the little cogged spring bolt and set screw that fits into the nut
fixed it like 3 times today, i think it sold for $285
we sold it with just the coaster
'people will flip if we put a front brake'
they have front brakes on their personal bikes
the putputs they built
'i just have pad brakes on mine'

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like, i will always forget something, i just have to make sure its not an important thing
so constantly rechecking
anyway, in your case kev i think its from prototyping
you just know to check work along the way and to kind of assume you fucked up before knowing your didnt
thats how things fail to fail
because you were sure they would the entire time
right but you manage
you adapted
thats weird
you make pictures in your head
im towards it
i am very unsure and will not say names because of it
blackmoon: like you third person it with a bone frame?
my typical running line is 'im bad with names and faces, im just bad with people'
generally i am friendly so people laugh
anyway, this is stuff kind of common with geeks, like adapting to this is what maybe makes a geek
i trip out my cnc is like 11 years old
jero32: haha ya

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the gov one was how they decided to gank my disability from my placement diagnosis
'you are this smart: . you can do repetitive tasks. go work.'
its a focus and memory test as much as anything else
so like, youll test diff on a bad day
dude im a fucking stoner
its not that kind of memory test
its basically your CPU registered
very short term memory
like, i guess normal people have 3-4 'registers', if you can work with even a little more than that its a huge advantage
i can do algebra like a madman
the interesting thing is i do it like they teach common core math
i break shit down into smaller parts and just remember what i did to reverse and sum it all
right i leave shit everywhere
basically stopping and looking for shit i forgot is SOP with me
and i pat my pockets and butt (wallet) constantly
i never, ever, ever lock doors from the inside
always from outside with with a key
like, my habits are formed around me having total shit memory when tired or thinking about other things

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kevtris: thats basically phase-gate planning
you figure out what depends on what, which lets you know what can be done in parallel
which working by yourself is kind of a natural design instinct
but in teams you have to spell it out or shit just gets out of sync and you have to take couple steps back
kevtris: its not its common sense but it becomes a communication issue
trig is pretty simple once you get what its going on about
usually a good image of a unit circle will make it click for someone
i suck at math
im much better than average people, but at uni level, its basically my weak point
yeah because thats diff equations
and if math isnt your life, diff eqns are fucked up
thats why laplace
and FFT
anything to turn it back into simple variable algebra
ifyou variables are functions, youre gonna have a hard time
kevtris: youre smarter than me and less than 2% of people are smarter than me
just for your personal reference
shrug, gov tested
im pretty dumb at a lot of things
i just rock at certin types of puzzles

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caffeine, sugar, alcohol, marijuana, adhd meds, shrug
most people got something to get em going when they have zero desire to start
and also to keep going when tired but still more work
like it seems pretty clear a lot of professional programmers arent sitting in a chair coding 12 hours without being stoned
totally relate to that
jero32: right thats usually the hurdle, actually starting and building up the first momentum
i will fuck myself over because i dont start until to late
once i start, it almost always takes less time than i anticipated
thats kind of normal project stuff if its well managed
break it up into small blocks can be reviewed and finished independently
that way youre always checking along the way
setbacks will only set you back to the last milestone usually

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so right
theres a very large portion of people that wouldnt even be able to afford that
and who had to work as hard as you just to eat
and didnt learn much while doing it
they do
but the results depend on the person and situation
and to not accept that people start with diff conditions and with diff innate abilities, is just wrong
because thats basic fucking logical common sense
maybe they were?
and economy is orders of magnitude more fucked than the 80s and 90s
jobs available are part time, low wage, basically shit to keep you occupied and and unable to take action
jero32: hes smarter than me and i have government tests saying i am exceptional at this stuff
but that wouldnt jive with his politics
his politics dictate that he is normal
and everyone is capable of what he is with hard work
you know that there are solutions
and that setbacks arent the end

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but it comes nowhere close to fixing all the problems
it has potential to make many worse
yeah kev, untrained tradesman are a fucking problem
community colleges and trade schools exist in los angeles, at reasonable prices
most of the country is much worse off
because most of the country wants prayer in school, guns with no restrictions, and illegal abortions
kevtris, you are exceptional
and to believe anybody could do what you do is unrealistic
then that explains a lot about your politics kev
and it takes the right set of conditions
and if you dont accept that, knowing what you know, i really dont want to have the convo
most people havent been doing it their entire lives
you been doing this since before google
to claim youre not exception is to dismiss yourself from a realistic conversation
flat out
point is you were doing this when average people would have no clue
how did you even afford it

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and mandating test based curriculums
and giving religious fundamentalists equal time as scientists
and the promotion of home schooling by extremist conservatives
the eliminations of arts and sciences
humanities programs are great and all, but how many art grad students does america need?
like, if you made something in class, they killed that class
on the upside, theyre doing robotics and CE in high schools more
but mostly schools pumping out business majors, future managers and retail worker artists
thats a bit simplistic kev
that will make loan, book, and building contractors way more money
prices are high because theyre involved in for profit business contracts
and nepotism
its not because theyre putting the money into programs
cost is out of control
orders of magnitude beyond inflation
so what youre saying is somethiung that needs to be done

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honestly its more about top level military
jero i dont think the president talks to putin very much
i think its more likely hes being frozen out
yeah like, hes not getting the attention or cooperation he expected from putin
basically, hes being played
no im sure he got enough
putin isnt dumb, hes KGB, hes basically a military psychologist
putin didnt think he would win
and it might fuck putin
same way iots going to fuck republicans
i think everyone underestimated the stupidity of the majority of americans
defunding schools

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using space based defence leaves you with your dick hanging out
blackmoon: the assumption is maybe yes
which is why tac nukes are generally considered off the table
literally my biggest fear is someone tac nukes, and nothing happens
the world doesnt know how to react, so it doesnt
and then tac nukes are on the table
and that is much more frightening than any cold war ever was
we just sold out motor bike
jero32: MAD is already ruined
jero32: want something to read about it?
jero32: why i asked, its long
jero32: but basically russia and US have two ideas of what violates MAD
because our imminent threats are different
russia is trying to avoid a conventional war, thats what they fear, thats how theyve almost died twice before
so they will nuke if they think they will be invaded
america doesnt think a ground invation with conventional weapons warrants a nuclear strike
and several other details like that, along with very little communication compared to the 70s and 80s

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my guess is they running changed, used rubber black CA because it was there to keep the line running, and never looked back
russia is baiting him
theyre going to shoot a lot of the missiles down
dude bolton is his advisor now
tac nukes prob gonna happen
sure you can
everyone will negotiate after a tac nukes if the entire world doesnt retalliate quick
and that wouldnt be a good situation either
bolton is worst possible sign
jero32: when your troops may be overrun otherwise
stretgically, a tac nuke is maybe best options to continue
in this context tactical means not nuclear strategic
which involves ending the world

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like 8 years ago
those are prob from around then, they running changed those with diff amp and im pretty sure theyve moved to a G3 model for cosmetics
rab: that would have showed up in power test
rab: that might be black rubber CA
yeah thats a white glue application
any non conductive RTV works
thats why you power test

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rab: jezus fuck hiow much do i have to watch before he shows what black stuff?
if he found the schematic it would prob be for the ST chipamp modules
wait now im confused the pics in the vid not the same as the forum
i worked there
rab: cool its just the glue and lack of power testing
its not the unvulcanized butyl rubber
if it was that id be like wtf unless it was charred
jero32: when i was there, we were using the hard 'yellow' glue or soft 'white' glue

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rab: those arent really G2s
maybe G2.5
those look like the class-d redo
the guys on that project are not competent
they werent designed in america
and the guy testing it doesnt understand how to drive an LED
the acoustic engineer acused me of inventing ESR when his crossovers didnt work with the cheapest bipolar electrolytics he could find
after prototyping with 5% film caps
why is he tripping on the tweeter
it probably blew the output filters

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