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yeah they kind of hop up and punch up/down
punch out/down

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i thought they kicked more
maybe they just kick things on the ground

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yeah its more like, neckbat

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they box dont they?
and headbutt

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70s style

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prob same reason they dont advert brazilian wax job
if you want this service, you will find it
jero32: messes
like if you are doing an outdoor thing for a few days, there are decent arguments for shaving, shrug
i dont really care if there are showers involved
fuck i gotta go stupid town hall bullshit
blackmoon: you shave before and it shouldnt get long enough to get crusty mess

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lubed condoms are lubed on the inside
im pretty sure its less likely to slip off with lube inside because assymetric friction is less likely
pretty sure when condoms i used broke was because of pussy stubble
close trim is nice
hair can form a radius, so much less pokey
naw even like, 1/8" is pretty okay
you just need like, way past 5 o clock shadow
even fresh close shave, sometimes in the wrong direction is like cat tongue

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'yeah girl, can you fuckup your hormones so i can sploog in you?'
tho ya, some p[ills will do great things for girls boobs
lots carry male condoms
ya dont bring that movie up right now
the person who needs to see it probably didnt understand it
and is prob the only person alive in the 80s who didnt see wargames
female comdoms dont looks all that fun
like a girl with an oversized used condom flopping around
how do you not get friction?
if theyre unlubed just put lube inside
break less that way
shrug, non latex condoms is close to unnoticable
like i will check a bunch because doesnt feel way diff if slips off
the rolled up end is supposed to keep it from falling off

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lights flickering a lot
dunno if power or CFL
blackmoon: heh
i found my freshman prototyping project!
someone put all the custom parts in a drawer in lab
yes condoms are very old
also they where whores jero
who cares if they have your babies
they say, hey this your baby, you say, no
and then they have someone to help clean up the bordello
who prob grows up into some sort of vigalente super hero
polyurethane almost feels like nothing
and also the thin natural rubber ones, polyisoprene?
no latex
dont buy standard condoms some girls are allergic

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rab: yeah the blue fire on the horizon getting big was pretty nuts
but it looks like it blew over quick, used up most the fuel, and after was mostly a lot of hot winds
rab: gotta love post ww fuckit periods

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that was pretty nuts
even before it got nuts
commenter says camera truck stopped moving because it did this
like, spray turtle mode
doesnt look like it will work too long for guys in back =(

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damn thats like 100+ hours of riding at 35 mph

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looks like he made it

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yeah they got one with normal wheel because wtf unsprung weight
like how shit is that suspension gonna work if wheels full of water
farmers got too much money
looks like Scout + container wheels is the old model
harleys are not exactly cheap
farmer buying this prob already has three harleys
got a dog harley
you have to buy the three point hitch (you can tell from the pic)
container wheels are to make you heavy enough to plow

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thats prob the last unexploded transmission in existence
fuck it mostly looks the same
gaga @ extra chain for front suspension
*haha, hahaha
what is a broadcast spreader?
to jam competition crop sprayer electronics
like an antenna for genetics
isnt it gonna get in your shoes like that?
and a fling dish?
that seems like where all the engineering would go
some dish hub to keep all the seeds from falling out

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prob has decent engine braking, shrug
actually who knows, motor not that big
that shit looks like it will just break off
its prob 180 lbs because most of the steel has rusted out under the paint
garden hose on the kickstart lever is nice touch
thats a farm motorcycle, yo
work the land, chase the pigs, all that shit
plowing? fuck knows, theres some farmer word for it
would explain the lack of brakes
i dont even

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it has a universal joint looks like
lined up with the forks
yeah look where the rear chain links up
that has a shaft through the top tube to the front gearbox, with a uni joint right before
fuuuuuu hahahahaha
i mean, im not even tripping at $1700 now
i wonder how many of these were made
rab: thats not really a disc brake =(
i mean
its disk shaped
and it has disk calipers
but its like, a fucking top from a can of beans
so the brake slows the rear through a right angle joint, a universal joint, 2ft of shaft, another right angle joint, and a chain
thats gonna feel real tight
the wheels and motor are aluminum, maybe the tank?
like that bike we sold yesterday
frame looks steel

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is like two bubbles stuck together, with no beach. fuck this place
is it awd?
just a generator?
wtf front wheel clutch so you can actually turn and container wheels
heheh @ fuel in the wheels
prob gont have to worry about sparking a rim
wait wait
that shit has a driveshaft through the fork?
this shit dont even work thats some CG or something
fake pics
i think it goes through the toptube into that box, 90 deg to the sprocket
i thought it was electric, but its just nuts

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there are okay people in town, truth, but the district overall and the politicians can get fucked
and shit is so crazy left, i basically ask for a platform link when i get hit up to go to shit, and then have to decline because im not trying to fight for pronouns
like, i would do a/v events and there was def conflicting personal feelings over non-inclusive minority functions being so proud of their earned segregation
meanwhile, school paper has had one opinion writer for years, guy is borderline alt right

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$150 = bitch we need these for our refurbs stop buying them
oh damn, more than i thought
fuckin $250 they could have put a belt
why does that help?
ive only mowed like maybe half a dozen times in my life
wait is it in the middle...
looks like kind of towards it
i have some stupid poli sci town hall shit
im like bitches, the way i want to get involved in local politics is by leaving this fucking place
i called it tax payer funded astroturf
in the assignment

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jero32: im pretty sure that wasnt furryism, that was just people watching cartoons because they were 8 years old
13:53:16 <@Rab> B&D had an $80 complete rebuild deal; I guess they knew they had a stinker. I had the mower rebuilt at least 2-3 times.
the thought of installing a new drivetrain and blades in a banged up B&D frame seems so silly
like, max B&D
they made a really good can opener in the 80s
rab: was it cheaper in the kit?

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eggsalad: you you
in ghost years?

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furry porn was not a thing
that is like the first furry porn

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