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i sheared one of the cap screws that holds the arm to my desk chair
hmm, chair like 14 years old

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doesnt exactly look great
dunno yet
theyre $800k each
yeah not even $20M in missiles
theyve gotten cheaper since this was clintons way
i bet sculptor remembers that

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i was pretty surprised how straight forward it was, docs are good but i didnt have to reference them so much
and trace routing is pretty much eagle style so im happy, as far as curvy corner and big radius paths
like, im pretty sure i just gotta figure out trace width heirarchy and im ready to post gerbers
sculptor: scary part is he got UK and france to go along
meanwhile, mattis admitted that they dont have evidense that last years attack wasn't comitted by the rebels instead of assad
you think we would learn, the whole arming religious rebels thing
who knows
report was 19 missiles were shot down

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19:45:07 <@Rab> jero32, altidumb can't flip in part creation?
pretty sure the rotate and x/y mirror stuff works?
for schematic and footprints
jero32: are you bitching about premade parts?
i made R, C, amp, sensor, and connector footprints and symbols, i dont remember having flip and mirror issues

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sculptor: what if i put the butane injector like, in the middle of the sponge breech
then the gases would flow out both sides of the nerf
the spark plug would pressurize the back first, and maybe the flame front could get through the nerf while i launched
*it launched
def not touching the thing first time
maybe i just do a co2 nerf
i could maybe use those high speed valves from automation direct

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thats just a guy who clicks a thing
guys what if i made a butane spud gun type thing
but with sponge projectiles
do you think i could get the tail of the sponges to stay lit?!
i recovered old project parts from a draw in class, includes a 12" long, 1/8" thick, 1.5" ID polycarbonate tube
with a machine block of acrylig mounting it to some perpendicular aluminum C channel
which kind of mates up perfectly to my handlebars
handlebar firenerf cannon

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in southern california, shit was like a frame a second
they would send you vids like, you blew thru this parking lot stop sign 5 miles from civlization with no cars or people around
pls2send $50
was basically three frames

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high speed cam?

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