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and in 4b mode itll scan 2x slower
k bbl must recycle all the bikes

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like, putting up 8 custom chars, rewriting custom chars, putting up 8 more
well, yeah it wouldnt like do the whole thing at once
but youd be able to do entire screen pixel by pixel
yeah but you can write custom chars row by row
so you use 4 and do like, buffers
like, im thinking on hd44780 stuff you be able to see it scan
some of the execution delays are pretty long
and im not sure you can use the addy auto inc as much if youre also writing to char ram

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this looks like hd44780 w/o 4b and i think maybe more chars, like 2x
i think you can do that with hd44780? it just looks dumb on the char displays
or is it like, sprites?
ah, yeah thats diff one some of the clones, more than 8
but right, you cant pixel by pixel at any kind of pretty speed
right so you would have to rewrite
its like sprites
would be fun to figure out the timing on that

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does it have the 4b hack tho?
yeah i cant find it, this something new
yeah w/ 10b to push it around, def begs for a little uc or fpga to be an interface and buffer
but this one id be more wtf @ io to drive

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very sex
how fast can you do the whole screen?
is that pulled from something? looks super nice
prob kinda fast!
its got the 4b parallel interface?
everytime i use a hitachi clone lcd i am like, one day i will make a $2 driver chip so i can just spi or i2c or uart the fuck out of it

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rab: EE labs are all old floated triple supplies
for your LM317 and carbon resistors
MECH/MECA labs have HP/agilent/keysight scopes, supplies, generators
EE department here is sad
er, LM741
the joke is they have old labs that need rail to rail amps to work
and the new instructors put their name on the old labs without testing them
bunch of less than ethical slackers

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theyre like, IS THIS OKAY TO TOUCH? im like, jezus fuck no, shorting it to the frame with my hand a few times
rab: almost all the demo setups that plug in, a breaker in some panel is it
i feel a lot safer in chem labs, even tho the work is much more dangerous

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rab: i got girl pissy because interrogating her about how the physics dep does their full wave bridge lab
the issue seem to be she didnt know wtf i was talking about, with transformers
i wont bring it up again, but i think theyre just direct rectifying mains, everything she said makes sense in that context
this is the same department has a huge bank of parallel 10,000uF caps that they short out with a screwdriver
because the change of spraying a kid in the face with electrolytic juice is what gets them excited maybe
rab: ^, re lab safety
like, they had some static demo with a mains voltage floaty puck

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i guess that shit that pisses me off with ladder logic, is i could accomplish a lot of these things with relays, switches, resistors and caps, in real life
but i cant make it work in ladder
like, my shit in freshman prototyping one one ladder rung that stretched out forever, i think i hacked it into procedural programming
*was one

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yeah i think i just do eeprom and find some creative way to pack up the data
so glad i didnt get on one of the other production automation projects
girl on that team is like, they force us to use ladder logic and i cant even figure out how to get a timer and a counter to work at once
i spent $8 on a stm32disco, got multiple timers running for sample loops and pwm and multiplexing
light up some LEDs depending on butan press, put some shit on an LCD, and half the class thinks were done with the project
other teams like, $300+ in controllers and struggling to deal with 10Hz process loops

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yeah, pretty simple once you realize how its done but ive never seen anything like it
rab: werent you asking about long term storage components few months ago?
like, eeprom versus flash vs sd or something
i was going to get eeprom but big ones seem slow like butt

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like video games
wonder if you can get in through the door
you get in through the window looks like
judging from the 3d assembly drawings
door is fake door

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sounds like a plan tecan

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mclaren-renault 2018 \o/
fureal tho, yay danny ric
sculptor: the actual curves almost never that sexy =(

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