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18:36:03 <@Rab> Caps might whistle before and/or while they blow.
kind of same, if you see a residue circle on the top, like a bubble popped, cap is over
sometimes they slow hiss and bubble
actually i think thats what theyre supposed to do
also dont look at a cap from directly above, ever
they uncoil in the direction of their slit vents
and the electrolytic hurts you eyes, i imagine enough can fuck you up
ive gotten like, tiny tiny bit of spatter and it did not feel ok
its like staying out of the plane of a grinding wheel when you can
or, as cigarini learned, not standing in front of the rear wheel of an F1 car during a 2 to 3 second pit stop

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its not as cool without the people
w/ the people
hes like dubstep cory feldman

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skrillex was credible for a second
and my understanding is he is a pretty nice guy
i never meet anyone because i go home early because work =(
like i missed when buddy was talking shit about chase and status' set, and didnt realize they were sitting next to him
i believe he was a north LA glitch punk dork
like, i like this one, so i cant talk that much shit

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i guess from my perspective, when it was fire roads and camp sites, warehouse and parking structures, little bars that didnt give a fuck, and huge massives at fair grounds before old people caught on, it wasnt really an alcohol thing
like, big promoter massives started showing up in radio promotions, and they started to have beer gardens at massives, and EDM started headlining hollywood bar venues

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aviici died?
hes like, a big deal in disco edm, no?
However, in 2017, Bergling's health deteriorated and he was diagnosed with pancreatitis due to excessive alcohol use, and he stopped doing live performances since then.
sad @ bar scene casualties
like, all my psychadelic consuming buddies turned to drunks, basically
same thing pretty much
more coke
well, thats debatable in context of the big hollywood venues

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their ant fortress prob went 200 ft down
this place, like, one ant, one roach a year, lots of random bugs, black widows happen
*had crickets
i wish i still had that place in chatsworth
i had a bedroom, like a big kid
i remember bitching that it didnt have a medicine cabinet
my bro is such a manager, 'would you want to stay if they gave you a medicine cabinet?'
andit had that badass fireplace i was afraid to plug in

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rab: needs lexan
those stairs would damage me half asleep
like, wake up, go to get a handful of nuts, die
also coffee tables are supposed to be low
having a coffee table high enough to be useful would be in the way
i dunno dude, gashed forehead seems better than legs tangled up in the steps
ive gashed my face while staying at a friends while they were away for a weekend
i was fine
no tecan says its very low
i think it is like, normal low
things get knocked off coffee tables, low seems like a benefit
also low works better when you want to do a floor desk
so my place in chatsworth has crickets
the santa barbara place had ants when it was wet because 100 year old building

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