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03:10:16 < ham> get a dog, they get rid of cats
thats such bullshit
my friend says his dogs never got close to cats again after they met my cat as puppies
one claw to the nose and dogs back the fuck off
friends dogs were pit bulls

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blackmoon: no that was the thing they didnt care
like they were in the walls or on top of cabinets

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guys did i ever tell you about how i came home and there were firemen at my door looking at me
and we eventually track it to the bathroom
and were all confused like wtf is about to explode
eventually i walked up to the tub faucet and turned the thing like 5 degrees
wasnt even really dripping
and they all did like, head tilt and went 'huh' and everyone was happy and they laughed i had weed in a tent in my bedroom
i thought they would be mad but then realized it would be worse if it wasnt a waste of their time
ive had two places had crickets in ths spring or summer
who knows where, maybe in the walls, werent in cabinets or drawers

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does it look like the pins were glued in?
like, covered with epoxy or similar after installing?
then theyre removable
because how else would they crimp them
they might not be easily removably
and there maybe be no way to depress the spring latch once assembled
in which case you would need to maybe crush the pin to get it out
then get a new connector assembly
call baldor
you can try turning them maybe they are screw in
but probably not

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or sometimes its just how the connector housing fits together than keeps them in, like a stack of spacers or somethings, but usually its a little latch spring built into the contact
sometimes they are overmolded, in which case you are fucked, you need the hole pin assembly
they might be solder cups?
oh you said they are cimped on
yeah if they are crimped, its almost always an assembly you can pull the pins out of somehow
if it is overmolded, its either PCB mount or its got solder cups
like, the pins will have a little cavity in tha back, and you just put a bit of solder in, and stick the wire in
if its that you just need a decent iron with a fine enough tip to repair
its hard to tell
can you see the back of the pin?
does it looked soldered?

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those dont crimp well without a decent crimp tool
no, usually there is a little spring latch or something
sometimes you can find it and bend the plastic its latched against
if not, there are thin tubes that slide over the pins that push the latches back

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i just told google to convert 20 lbs into 10 kg
right i pre-entered the lazy innacurate conversion
google algorithm is busy trying to break the universe no doubt
I GOT THIS REN! next day black hole

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aquare (c) rencorp 2018

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so i think its cool that maybe my most useful and mechatronic course is in motor sizing, and its taught by a guy with a BS degree and mad industry experience
heh, student grader gave me an F on last machine paper
he regraded it, A-
'* size steel aquare tube for desired deflection' is good enough for this guy, <3

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