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i think a lot of flood cooling setups, thats pretty much whats going on
we have a materials lab has a few polishing wheels, for prepping surfaces for etching, fun stuff

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lets knife

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like 1.1" +/- 0.5"?
like 1.1" + 0.5"?
either is like the most fuckit tolerance ive ever seen

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you not worried the screw will deflect a bit when used?
or the tension arm will give enough?
oh, shrug
similar bearing setup?
glue actually seems like a good idea

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blackmoon: haha cool
you used washer to tune the spring?
do your bearing have infinite ABEC rating?
does that lower inside one rub?
looks closer than other guys on the arm
the fixed arm bearings dont look offset from the arm plate they are mounted to
opposite side
think it just isnt throwing a shadow

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thats not very considerate

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make all the things flat

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the daily beast is like, ya were suspending joy reids blogs because out cybersecurity dude, some no bullshit authority kevin poulsen, is investigating acussations someone hacked the wayback machine
im like, wait wtf that kevin poulsen
and yeah, looks like he is a contributor
hometown, fuck ya

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it is
when i saw that im like, fuck that bear
but fuck that pig too
bc brutal nature
we need a friendly animal to eat bears
like stegosaur
also now noting my state that i <3 has same branding

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thats not very nice

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the spread out rear wings and narrow front wing w/ big endplates to stop the outwash benefits would fix all the bad air following issues
that is kind of the plan presented but all the teams are like, sadface
im excited

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anyway, this aint rocket science
this is new
i hope FIA forces that aero style on F1 soon

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pretty sure BMW said theyre only in if they drop the car swaps
and my hope if they get the drivetrain and battery capacities working well enough to do real race tracks
they just do street circuits, because slow
im pretty sure something like spa or monza would burn em out quick, totally compromise drivetrain thermals
monza is basically flat out long straights between chicanes and huge radius turns
i want to see big industry motors battling at 200 mph while monitoring coil temps and managing active cooling
i would like to see tesla there
but i suspect they cant figure out how to market losing

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12:53:11 <@Rab> I'd favor a thousand wealthy cagers killing themselves, if it produces an AI more careful around bikes than some of the idiots driving now.
how many thousand bikers is okay?
the 3 isnt just wealthy people
okay, so first biker dead, rab is furious at musk with me
everyone getting into FE now, big companies
tesla edge on drivetrains almost up
and they dont seem so great at the whole mass production, DFM, DFA thing
i know i took advantage of your ambiguity and im going to pretend i dont understanmd anything youve said since
english is hard
formula E
its basically a drivetrain series
mclaren is doing batteries, i dont know who is doing chassis, but its a spec chassis
theyre about to major revision it

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Tesla TestPilot News https://arstechnica.com/cars/2018/04/tesla-autopilot-crisis-deepens-with-loss-of-third-autopilot-boss-in-18-months/
musk wants to kill astronauts, thats fine, they're literal test pilots, theyre down for it.
do not respect using customers as test pilots

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