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dom and roland new track :O

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wtf new the cure release
blackmoon: haha ya basically
old white guy with stubble and lipstick
like, guy has 5 day shadow, fucked up hair, wtf pale, bright red lipstick
biggest smile, security battling off girls
girl gets on stage and rushes him, knocks him over
to ask him to marry her of course
just one new mix and a remastered remix

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then like flip around gearbox and the screw ram box is next to the motor, simular extrusion for the body, 14" or so long (basically length of motor + encoder box + thin gearbox)
ram is like, 3/4" w/ fine threaded end
prob like 1-1/2" of thread, came with 1/4" tall nut, bushing/guide/whatever is almost 2" across, sticks >2" out the end of the ram body

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i plugged the variac in, switch lit up, no smells
147 v unloaded, knob tracks perfect
so at least that isnt trash
the torque controller/amp rattles like a screw came out or who knows
the ram servo is some parker shit, 4" wide motor frame, 10" long

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rab: yeah, fuck coordinating heat and cool with my neighbors
like, i have a place is like 800 sqft
neighbors are like 100 sqft
and i cook

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rab: i have one its great!
but they put like, 3 of the indoor bits on one of the outdoor bits
on three thermostats
so if theyre all set to auto and one is heating while others are cooling they just give up

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15:25:31 <+jero32> I love that cat owners love their cats for the fact that they'lle at them when they're dead
if its starving?
why is the cat starving
shrug, im not me anymore
least a cat gets that
dogs are basically 4 year olds with learning disabilities
who will let you beat them
i try and do most my mech design from a techs perspective
always make sure you can fit tools plus ohshit gap

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i think this debate as old as civilization is over

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rab: its not whats in that pic if accurate
rab: im pretty sure i can semi waterproof the assman stuff decent enough with a little foam silicone spacer
least ip64-ish, maybe ip65
i wanted to use qualtek power entry mods bc intregrated fuse, but im prob going to switch to neutrik true1 because sexy and i think ip65 when mated
and locking
i maybe want to daise chain power out of one box and i dont trust the iec extension sockets
looks old
thats all i got

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dsub15 is expensive fuck
most of the cables at digikey are those shitty screw together shells with loose insulation
heh, AP cables
dsub25 there are overmolded assman cables for pretty cheap
can do a whole row of grounds if that fits

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staco, dayton ohio, 140 vout 1.4 kva

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it wasnt burnys issues i think he had some advice
but im pretty sure dudes nick started with a b, and i believe it was a baldur motor or drive
baldor? i think its baldur
i think a lot of those pins are overmolded
i have some atlas copco (?) constant torque servo driver for some sort of fastening equipment
and this like, linear ram servo goes with it
prob has issues, boss kid from bike cart gave it to me, from his budding manufacturing career scam
also got a variac with it
kind of old, so maybe not shit if its not burnt
i wonder if they were limiting power to the servo drive with the variac

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