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bike simple green is foamy white
not even a hint of green
so we switched to some other brand is pink in a clear bottle

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so i remember when i used to rock the pull out drive chassis
with the 40mm fans
and then i had prob half a dozen 80mm fans in my system
was prob like 100 dBSPL idle noise in my room
120mm fans are so much <3
dude the 40mm ones were the worst
loud as fuck and barely moved anything
and the cfm specs are still a joke
and within a year they sounds like they want to suicide
i wont go below 92mm anymore
you cook in that shit?

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like $15 shipped, probably, if you dont want to hunt
the one i linked is a skinnier one
^ you got options
and np
oh, you prob want to click on 12V
its like we live in the future now
only the best fans.

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its 70mm i think
2.42" hole spacing
if its not 70mm its some random fan
holes wouldnt fit
2" is 51.8mm
so 2.5" is 64mm
so the bolt holes wouldnt fit within the frame on 60mm
50.8 and 63mm
is it just under?
just under is spec for 70mm x 70mm fan

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yeah doesnt seem standard
just measure it
oh, sucks
then measure the hole spacing and hunt around in datasheets
yeah that does seem like a weird size

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