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i think ive had little cutting bits like that
feels like super hard eraser + abrasive

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kevtris: naw i realized how high he was and the field looked big but i was like, wtf why are you that high with your contraption
i was surprised by how smooth the landing was

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demon tech

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but no reason for it to be a standard thing
not start the motor, start moving

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before i sold my car, i was like heel-toe'ing every shift
rev matched engine braking every stop
it should
usually the geared position on automatics just set the highest gear
but sounds like youre thing kicks down to 1st real slow
well it usually is
1st is like, tow a thing, or stop shifting going up a hill slow
2nd is like, its snowing and i just spin my wheels a lot in 1st
or, im on a canyon road and being in 3rd is not fun
oh i see what youre saying
like, i know people complain about not being able to start automatics in 2nd

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so i think thats going to be the next efficiency gain
i hope the gov mandates it
but if they hold on mpg improvements, lighter cars is only way
maintain safety, drop weight
prob lots of carbon fibers and woods
is it auto?
i was going to say, that usually wears em down quicker
yeah i dont like those things
i guess you cant blip it
he doesnt have a clutch

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yeah i thought of DX
like, maybe i can just ladder that shit up
dx was messing with cap ladders for i dunno why for awhile
i think its just that and esr
how many high was it?
just trying to get 34v or something?
haha wtf
how did he parallel them?
jezus fuck haha
or maybe not at all until the running one loaded down and sagged a bit
yeah he doesnt seem like a compute the thermal resistance kind of guy
less than a bike going slower?

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well itd be fun to play with
like, you could do down on the lever to regen/friction brake blend
and pull up just to regen
use like a shifter setup
i still think brake lever on each side of the bottom bracket would be cool
dunno, i want to get like ~1hp motor
right dunno
well i need a boost just to get it consistent above batt voltage anyway, no
else youd like, have to fill a rectified cap or some shit
yeah dunno, prob just some simple hacky shit at firsy

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oil change, 500mi, oil change
so i think it would be cool to convert an aluminum bike to electric motor...
swap the bottom breaket with like a 12" 1/2" bar
and then do like, two brake levers, one for rear and one for regen
normal motorcycle shit on the bars
i mean like foot levers
i really like the two foot thing, tho
like, you could totally modulate it
fduck matching
look at me, i am the PID now

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drive roller is aluminum?
i wouldnt use that oil
just change it
synth oil breaks down, youre not supposed to sit on it for more than 6mo
and reg oil has synth components dont last
well, i think what you did is fine
but i think running it with oil oil is risky
*old oil
the oil is spec'd with whatever additives they include, and those might not exist anymore
no thats overkill
the oils not bad like that
it just maybe doesnt have the right additives anymore
so changing the oil should fix that
and yeah i do stuff like that on new used cars

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19:42:36 <+jero32> renesis, your ass in here atm? :P
jero32: wot

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spiders in the hamper

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trump is an idiot

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