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ive never loved the simpsons as much as most people
king of the hill mostly sucked
'futurama is cool
family guy is better than the simpsons but still gets old
the girl is cool, shes a valley kid
american dad is like stupid family guy
like, i miss married with children

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the best way to stop doing something is to get away from the people you do it with if you can
12 step programs put you in contact with people who can get you what you need
and tells you that you cant do it by yourself
they would prob tell you

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basically, neural connections or density or whatever goes up at a higher rate of people who just quit vs normal people
no that model is old and basically tossed out
no one takes that model seriously anymore
all addiction is psychological
even 'physical' addiction
physical addictions are just based on drugs with bad withdrawal symptoms
weed is physically addictive
it does crazy shit to your appetite
and sometimes it can fuck with sleeping patterns
well right because it hurts when you stop
and its physically damaging when you use too much
anyway, most addicts get better
12 step programs teach people to be co-dependent on junkies
that you are fucked forever
that you will always be this way
and it makes sense that they have low success rates
and high relapse rates
they have given up on changing
and they spend time around high risk people

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i put in watch later
im watching this
he is talking about like, addictions is not a disease, its just normal neural changes based on behavior
thats the best one?
he makes the case that neural change is normal
throughout life, and heavily dependent on normal behavior
and that the addiction disease definition uses changes in brain funtion to define itself
but that it goes away after drug users stop

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i am trying to train the spotify AI
like, bitch playlist radio, only people singing over fluid drum n bass
what dont you understand about that spotify

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if our general awareness of conciousness is not unique, it suggests that conciousness is not away of the conciousness it is made of or is a part of
possibly nations, family, physical continents have conciousness, the will to survive and maybe be the best whatever they are
the earth is maybe a concious entity made of everything on it, and on up to the galaxy, and the universe
maybe its just the quantum links
maybe thinking is just a set of non physical interactions between conciousnesses
point is we have no idea and that is the wall a lot of this shit is hitting
we dont know if its conciously controlled, or just some sort of pachenko fall through autopilot, or some sort of quantum processing engine

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well, least its not public afaik
which is maybe good because you could really fuck with mfkrs if you know exactly what inputs to get what neural patterns you want
we are approaching that whole coniousness, free will, and influenced neural patterns wall
like, eventually people gonna have to sit down and decide what is okay
prob some crazy shit goes down before that
heh, i think chomsky spinning circles about this stuff is super informative
anyway, i think conciousness is a particle thing so none of this really bothers me so much
i think a rock has a much free will as the universe, and we are just some layer in the middle

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i tend to believe (for no good reason) that most of audio sense is kind of composite with out touch sense
like, all the hairs on your body are part of your hearing sense, all the nerves wired into your muscles that vibrate with bass signals
and that whatever is going on with our actual ears is very simple and very fast
its a puzzle theyre made good progress on, maybe just a couple decades out from some pretty scary cybernetic human interface stuff
that said, i break my hip when im 70, i sure as fuck aint gonna say no to a wet wired replacement
absolutely not
like, we know about the mechanical systems
and general regions of the brain that light up when were processing music
but at that point everything is tied in with everything else
its literally a puzzle, a lot of research gets done studying people with known brain issues, and comparing to normal people
so now theres a lot of definition what is normal neural patterns associated with certain imports
but like we dont know specific processing mechanisms

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i dont think its completely clear how
and theres a few waves it could be doing it
like, it could be comparing tone bins from each ear and just seeing mid band attenuation and one side
and assuming its from the other side
it could be tagging chunks of signal somehow, and just tracking timing of those chunks
it could literally be tracking phase vs frequency, and comparing for each each, but that would be mind blowing
for the brain to just have grown up to do that
like, some trickery needs to happen to detech up vs down
we do it
it might just be assuming a tone somehow, then detemining up or down based on spectrum, based on how the ear shape effects incoming signal
right it might be some bond conduction thing
or just a touch sense input

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like, few % desynced bass tone generators, reese bass
instead of just mixing the analog generator channels, i hard panned them left and right so your brain is doing the reese bass
it was absolutely the most fatiguing disorienting thing i had done with headphoners
with speakers, its like turned the soundstage to dust
its not like it was coming from everywhere, it was almost like it was coming from nowhere
we do something with phase, maybe its just detecting contact times of recognizable wave patterns, one ear vs other
i think we are kind of at the point were we can research this pretty methodically

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anyway i think we have some sort of continuous difference processing loop in our auditory nervous system and same wave, out of phase both ears, basically shows up as some easy to recognize pattern
like, left and right, forward and back
like, a lot of stuff seems to suggest we have processing that simplifies shit to simple patterns that we remember vs ideal refs
but i think there is way more research like this with visual cues vs audio
like we remember in mp3
its a very fatiguing effect
i tried it, mixing acoustically vs electronically

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also there is a general concensus from testing that humans dont really care about phase, as far as subjective opinion of music
so like, generally all pass filters for alignment are a waste, and the single cycle overlap on LR filters doesnt seem to matter in actual material
basically yeah
you can track it for certain stereo effects
like, right in the middle around 1khz
where speech lives
like, what you hear are the sum snd diff waves
if two waves are out of phase, you wont notice other than it if boosted or cut, if you new how they sounded alone
but if 1khz waves desync by like, 1hz, you will hear 2khz tone way down, and there will be like a 1Hz LFO effect
this shit is used all over the place in synthesis

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rab: heh, i think there are tricks that just dont sound right
like, stuff that by definition is phase aligned
like, i think you basically have to freq domain it and put everything back together and just do it fast enough to minimize discontinuity
and like shift some bins slightly and some other bullshit
its like pitch shifting, mostly it works and sounds a little wtf, some bass processing algorithms like this

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thats good info
im sure youll come back to it a lot before youre done
and yes, butterworth filters, not bessel
note that the best we have to offer is still an entire cycle phase fucked

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maybe it has some known phase oddity
jero32: basically, a 24dB/oct linkwitz-riley works very well, its somewhat of a standard
and trying to do more is like, pushing the edges of audio design
like, you need an r&d lab to support that kind of design
because you have to test what youve done to see if youre in the right direction
thats usually when the phone call happens
'hey your sim is full of it'
'thats not normal transducer operational ranges'
'so what this is physics our maths doesnt jive with your output'
'...well we add corrections'
jero32: its a specific alignment of bessel filters, pretty sure
so two bessel alignments, in some alignment, itas maybe same bessel
i dont remember, honestly
0.5 is critically damped
the lowest of those acceptable Qtc curves for subwoofers
basically same curves
you want 4th order
with 2nd order, you get more blending past xover, and you have to flip the phase of one of the speakers

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the phase delay with linkwitz-riley hpf and lpf is matched
and you get 24dB/oct roloff
the only reason to use anything else if not really a 1st project thing
like, youre basically trying to correct for speaker performance
like if it has rolloff or decay non linearities and you want to compensate
mostly that is done with black box iterative software
and a lot of back and forth between acoustic engineers and software designers
if you want to do better than 24dB/oct linkwitz-rilet matched crossovers, youre getting into the less defined realm of acoustic engineering
where programmers just start putting magic numbers into simulators
im saying you cant easily, so you probably shouldnt try
to get the attenuation vs frequency
6dB crossover, youre still going to have audible power in the driver way above the xover freq
maybe somethign to do with how its loaded in a midrange cavity
maybe just something about how internal reflections hit it
maybe it rolls off by design at 12dB/oct
so you only need to match that with a single salen key stage

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jero32: https://i.imgur.com/PvUgbwP.png
shit i gotta pay that domain bill
jero32: the circuits on the bottom are salen key low pass filters
for high pass filters, you just swap the two resistors for the two caps in the signal path
just stick to those until you can figure out how to mod them
each stage is two buffered poles
not sure what you mean
because it has two filter pole elements in the signal path
like, you kind of have an input filter and a fedback filter
because you want to use 4

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my suggestion is you just go with it and make it sound right
you can spend all year selecting drivers
and probably if you measured them they would be slightly diff anyway
just get it close and let the dsp processors pull their weight
are you going to do a opamp design?
yeah select caps and resistors for at least two points
two-stage salen-key, linkwitz-riley aligned, its a 4-pole filter with phase matching
so you dont have to order more shit to try something else
order for five if you got money and curiousity

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what caps?
like base to emitter?
hehe they wont care
i mean, maybe in a few years
well, shrug
it is good research for the industry
im just going to use kemet through hole ceramic
like, fuck electrolytic 10uF
i just did three ceramic 3.3uF in parallel
its a little woofer
try 2khz first
but right, with a dsp dev system you can play
you want to be above tweeter resonance if possible
like, ideal is somewhere between a 2-way and 3-way system
like, its not
so play with it
right but its got a wide bump
its rule of thumb, try and be above the resonance bump in the impedance
none of pro audio is like this
like, literally almost no systems are run above tweeter resonance
jero32: this is your dilema

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imposibru, there is more than one LED
macegr is fake twitter
in parallel?
thats how they do it in high end pro audio speakers
yeah thats not what i mean
they tried putting resistors on both sides, tho
on the psu board
i wonder how many prototypes got them to that solution
'there are supposed to be more resistors in series!'
china: got it boss
i wouldnt be surprised if it was actually the previous r&d tech
a lot of his problems were called china problems
its like how EE problems become ESD issues when you give up
'we determined the problem was ESD and have added series resistors to the inputs to mitigate'
'so you reproduced it'

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^is worth it to wait for the drop
macegr: very nice

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fenster: wow all these zombie covers are bad
like, the guy doing the rock song, production is hella cold and im pretty sure they timestretched the mfkr
like, its too clean plus warble

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rab: also i listened to pearl jam ten and vs maybe month ago
its like, all the shit he was bitching about, same issues now but worse
like, its creepy
and kind of makes me wonder how that guy is doing
like, he is the last one, somehow he has to live forever
oh and now the drug that killed a bunch of his friends, national epidemic

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the live version is released, no?
like, it was on an album, no?
yeah it was on the radio a lot
that was after baldie burned the pope on SNL?
anyway, i appreciated her anger
yeah i dont think anyone around our age could forget that
delores kind of reminded me of her, only thing i can complain about the cranberries is they were overplayed
burny: sinead oconnor tore up a picture of the pope after a performance on SNL
was early 90s
she had also recently shaven her head
little white girl tells modern western civilization to get fucked, basically
various degrees
but more than that, its an established source of influence
like, i dunno, maybe its like someone punched your grandma

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ha @ spotify release radar playlist
heh @ buying compilations just to get songs you like on new untrashed media
good song tho
retro indie punk
i just pay for spotify
i have good versions of like 4/5 the music i ever bought
they won, they found a distribution method that makes piracy just too inconvient for me
rab: i appreciate that its not the skinny little bald girl version

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i think you can figure it out and make it as pretty as you want it to be
always some
thats where you earn your $$$
heheh, tru
k bbl, life

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something like a pair of those and you can prototype stereo biamps
or whatever
you can build active xovers and drive rack amps, you can use a dsp system to drive your own amps, you can just use a computer and those amps forever
right you would need two
theyre stereo, so two ch per amp
this is kind of the same, you can prob spend $50-200 on amps to test shit
four chipamp modules from ebay and pair of cheap switcher psu would prob work fine
yeah thats how it goes =\
audio is really cool for learning electronics tho, because so many fields of electronics involved, plus many electromechanical aspects

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their google blurb says dayton audio (parts express house brand) and minidsp (favorite of parts express customers)
looks like similar stuff
you could just buy amps and use your computer to test filters
you can put a crossover coupling cap on the tweeter to keep from blowing it up
like, tuned low so it doesnt mess with your active xover tuning so much
maybe 500hz

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like, you can get titanium or beryllium shit with resonance higher than audio spectrum, shit like that
tweeter size has a lot more to do with high end frequency response
like, 10khz is about 1" wavelength
so bigger twetters tend to kind of fight themselves, like waves from one side of tweeter interfere with other side
but like, more sensitivity, maybe lower resonance, so you can keep it out of the listening range, and the slow response might be less fatiging and audibly pleasant
jero32: yes
jero32: parts express makes boxes a lot of their drivers will just screw into
so you can buy a box, put 4 terminals in it, and try different woofers and tweeters
shrug, europe has transducer vendors
maybe wont get the selection
cant help you as much but there process is generally same

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0.5 wont sound as good most likely, but might be most well behaved, its 'critically damped', less likely to bounce around on its own
whats Fs?
yesh so Fs/Qes is around 100 probably
they are big but they are heavy
so the mass and suspension stiffness eat the gains from the radiation area
woofers are like, 80-100, tweeters are like, 90-110
thats a sine wave measurement, likely log swept, or a impulse response waveform
its not really represenative of how it will sound with music
like, the high end might get fucky if the low end is driven hard
but you can try it
and A/B with some headphones to see whats missing
soft tweeters tend to be less harsh and less sensitive
they dont ring likely metal ones
plastic tweeters kind of in the middle
metal tweeters are great for highg sensitivity, or if you spend a fuck ton on them, very low distortion

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so 60Hz might end up being like 80Hz rolloff, depending on what Qtc you design for
you will
the speaker has a Qts and an Fs
you are targeting a Qtc and an F3
Qtc is directly related to the shape of the roloff curve
high Qtc has a bump before roloff, some bump is good, but a lot of bump sounds ghetto, boomy
like, Qtc of 1 is considered marketable
Qtc of 0.7-0.8 is flattest, no real bump before roloff
jero32: same woofer, diff volume box, so diff Qtc
you choose the curve
that dictates the box volume
all the curves shown in that are pretty acceptable Qtc
1.2 is marketable

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all in one, integrated amps and speakers
AMPS: Two of them.
that was their spec
to me thats legit, its an integrated system customer has no need to know
= soundbars
i never heard of fountek but the speks look okay
Fs/Qes > 100, so on the edge for sealed system usability
this is electrical bandwidth product
its made up parameter to check if okay for sealed system
EBP between 50 and 100 good for sealed
yeah, but its hard to do sometimes and maybe doesnt matter if youre going to subwoofer
for little drivers, around 100 is probably cool
jero32: do a spreasheet with inputs for thielle smalls and outputs -3dB rolloff frequency
in sealed syste, box will always push system resonance up from driver resonance

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its a very fast dev, very capable solution, and its pretty affordable
well you 100 hour test them
a bunch of time, bunch of units, and make sure
and active speaker management based on delta-R is probably a few years away
basically consumerize a klippel speaker measuremenmt system
yeah thats how we measure voice coil temp in power tests
we set limits on power, temp, stiffness, and let it fly
if it over powers or overtemps, it backs off
or shuts down
yeah wolfgang makes some pretty badass shit
and hes heading the push to update the speaker test standard
shit is from the early 80s and doesnt handle active speakers well
he did a lecture and i wanted to stand up like, YES, YES TAKE ME WITH OYU
its just difficult to spec without stating test conditions
and that seems to be his concept
defining a set of conditions that go with specifications
and methodology for test
hes basically standardizing my r&d tech job
so i <3 him
sonos amp spec was cool

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polar measurements dont sync up with accepted industry expectations
like, the sound doesnt come from the baffle
it come from like, little cloud that the driver pressurizes and sucks out right in front of the baffle
better solution is to just use an amp enclosure with vents
they did it right
cast aluminum enclosure sealed off from the main acoustic space
yeah they cam out a bit later, but then dominated the speaker bucket market
also that blue IEC?
it locks
took one apart for project r&d, its hella simple inside
good use of brackets
the amps can do 1kw
the drivers cant sustain it, but its got crazy capable DSP protection
you can beat the shit out of it, protection light lit up, and it sounds fine
no it just has dynamic bass management
and its tuned well
and it probably has soft clip limiters and RMS limiters on the tweeter
they used sigma studio from analog devices
so like, program the DSP chip with block diagrams, and eq with inverted speaker measurements

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theyre not known for sounding great when pushed
in generaly, good port, air flow is mostly AC
its not great for cooling
two ports, opposite corners, is prob best for convection cooling
but it looks silly, no one does it
blackmoon: this has been tested a lot with thermal loggers
it just doesnt work very well
like, the churning air is on both ends of the port
but the air inside seems to insulate okay
like, most of it seems to be making it back into the middle
the Eon ports are very, very short
hehe @ port check valves
you get decent convection with ports at diff heights
blackmoon: the question if it would be audible
and almost everything is at high output
haha, yeah thats gonna have a sound
you basically have to keep the pressure wave intact to get the resonance you want
and actual radiation is being researched

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jero32: a passive radiator is basically a ported system
except you tune the radiator by adding mass
thats ideal
integrated crossovers and amps is typical but its a thermal problem
also a mech vibration issue
ideally you want your acoustic system to just be drivers, and wires to terminals, and the box optimized for damping and bracing
dunno, $50-200
i would definitely use parts express drivers and the datasheets as a resource
that also gives you an idea of cost versus parameters
good doesnt need to be expensive, but in a lot of driver, the extra money is actually well spent, in terms of materials and labor
this looks sexier
itd debatable
it has to create turbulence to create DC flow in a lot of situations
which can sound blappy
JBL Eons do heatsinks in front of ports

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by adding a single pole filter to the natural full range rolloff
then you can add a two pole low pass filter to the subwoofer
and prob get a decent crossover
dunno ive had my six cheapo samsungs for maybe couple years, they still work
capacity eway down but with three i still get close to a day
jero32: full range is probably the simplest, but maybe needs creativity with sub crossover
jero32: woofer+tweeter is prob going to sound best if you get crossovers right
and how you blend with the sub will be more versatile
this is basically studio setup
yeah if you get a woofer with low Fs and decent Qes
usually less extension
but you get half the roloff slope
so you might actually hear deeper stuff
its worth playing with a speaker designer to see diff plots of sealed and ported enclosures

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also a great passive xover is like, 5% capacitors and inductors
you can get 1% polypropylene caps and 1% resistors for an active xover
it totally depends on the woofer
but my guess is you wont do well below 100Hz even if you find a good one
like, the excursion creates distortion, so full range is cool as long as you dont push them hard
low frequency = more excursion = pushing harder
if you do tweeter and sub, you have some sort of all in one
if the tweeter can push down to maybe 500Hz, maybe okay
and you would need a small, fast sub
i think you should do a pair of full range or biamp speakers
there not for that
add the subwoofer after
or do a subwoofer first
but if you just want to try making a speaker, with predictable low end response, a small full range driver is prob a good project
like, something maybe 4" or 5"
most likely, it will roll off between 100 and 200 hz
then make a sub that matches up with that
then you can use minidsp to try and create a tuned filter

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most workers are good if they want to be there
like, if youre going to chew a worker out over anything, better to just fire them
either give them a chance and try and laugh it off, or just end it if the mistake was that bad
jero32: active xover and biamps?
if the tweeter sensitivity is 12dB got, you drive it with 1/4 the voltage and itll match
and you will get what you want
ill show you how to nearfield if you cant figure it out, and the plots will look like from a simulation
you wont get as much bass compared to vented, and you need to try and find a woofer with favorable Fs and electric Q, but theyre very well behaved
jero32: sorry, 12dB hot
+12dB vs the woofer
but right, now you probably get why im like, fuck passive xovers
active xovers and biamps make it that easy

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i dont think stations at parking lots is something that will catch on universally
i do think gas stations will keep going out of business
i think someone just needs to buy a gas station and do some sort of concept demo
dummy batteries, reg cars to test
just put steel ballast in them
burny: most companies gonna be like, no you cant rip up our lot wtf we use that
you could totally just take a sedan, rip off the back doiors, take out the back seats, and do your jenga machine pushing dummy batteries through the assembly mounted to the back seat points
techsmurf: its almost sad when megacorps figure out how to genuinely do it right
like, legit treat customers correct
local businesses have almost no chance
right? because in the end customer gets better service and market progresses
well i think they have to accept lower margins and they cant absorb the cost of mistakes
if the change and its not how they hoped, they could be over
big companies can often just keep throwing shit out there until they find the right hook
absorb the losses if there even is any
thats like in n out
the food is better because they pay their owkers better

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but there needs to be an agreement on a physical dimension set and safety systems
burny: thats not completely true
not having standards allows more broad R&D
but the most cruicial systems of a battery pack are not actually the batteries
its what protects other stuff from the batteries
that can be standardized now with minimal impact on battery chemistry development
burny: ideas
different methods
finding better solutions
once you have general agreement on what the best solution is, you refine it endlessly
techsmurf: right there needs to be an agreement to begin development, but standards change
bigger and smaller capacities should prob be considered
multiple batteries for diff size charges is an obvious feature to consider
i think something you push into one side of the car that makes old battery pop out the other is the way to do it
drive in, machine lines up, jenga the new battery in
for this not to be talked about by anyone is a sign they dont want to tackle infrastructure
so literally same issues as 15 years ago

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burny: you could but again, it would be difficult and the consequenses make it impractical
Zipcar is an American car-sharing company and a subsidiary of Avis Budget Group. Zipcar provides automobile reservations to its members, billable by the minute, hour or day; members may have to pay a monthly or annual membership fee in addition to car reservations charges. Zipcar was founded in 2000 by Antje Danielson and Robin Chase.[5]
burny: thats one way
the battery companies and swap companies dont need to be the same
they could figure out their own solutions for bad batteries
i dont think you should ever be denied a battery from a swap station
but i dont know how different brand batteries should be handled, but i dont think it is a unsolvable problem
i think a market will grow to accomodate it
and compatibility happens when standards happen
so the question is why are they dragging their asses
techsmurf: you can standardize peripheral systems
the contact dimensions and materials, the cutoff system, the required sensors
they can do anything they want

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you dont have a battery swap machine
this is better than gasoline because it would be a bitch to siphon power
you already have car insurance if you live in california
battery wouldbe included or be a seperate linked insurance
so there are two ways to handle battery insurance
pay a fee at the swap station, or pay for it with your car insurance
this is the obvious practical solution
the infrastructure space already exists right now
gas stations going under everywhere
the same way we always have burny
by making it difficult, and making fines high enough to make it impractical
everything else works this way
rental cars
burny i pay $35 a semester for insurance to rent a car for $8/hr
i crash, i pay nothing
for a current model year VW passat

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thats how it works
like, porsche only uses mobil 1 engine oil
dont trust mobil 1? dont think draining the oil after purchase is enough? dont buy a porsche
car companies dont insure their product
they could just sell without a battery if you think its such a problem
do car companies offer free gasoline for life?
you pull into a station, you tell the machine, gimme a half charge battery, it checks if in stock, you pay the machine, the machine pushes the old battery out while inserting the new one
you drive away
not to you
the value is the charge
lease them
based on charge and a fee to cover battery cost over its life
...like rental cars
if you break it, you buy it, unless you pay battery insurance
why would you buy it?
just go to the battery station and get a charged battery and either pay the insurance or dont

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do standards often conflict? yes
but whether strictly enforced or not, they exist as a guideline
because your customers drive the car
and if the battery they got from the dealer sucks, they might just give back the car
car companies wouldnt be making batteries
theyd be buying them
you could have a system where you tell the dealer what brand battery you want installed
15:03:02 < burny> so? they just go to a charging stationg, and the crap stock battery becoems the charging statiosn problem
its not a car company problem
you wouldnt go to chevy and be like, when i go to this one gas station, my car runs real shit after
the battery company makes the problem
car companies go through this with every single purchased part they use
and cars are almost all purchased parts from 3rd parties
like i said, in terms of manufacturing, sourcing, designing to make things real in huge quantities and high reliability...
car industry is on a pedastool, most other industries use it as a reference
im saying engineers will figure it out
and the amount of hackers who crack them will be negligible
and if you make getting caught a 10x battery cost fine, its prob not going to be a big problem

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im saying for a theoretical design
i dont think the tesla packs have anything to do with this
swap packs would need to be more hardcore, and probably simpler
which is why im saying engineering societies should be in the lead
and not individual companies
standard should be set under which the market can compete
because duh
the world doesnt need to agree, just engineers
burny this happens literally all the time in every industry
the question is why hasnt it happened here
the answer is engineering societies are pwnt by the companies that empoy the engineers
electronics standards?
there are probably millions
manufacturing safety standards? thousands easy
hell even the speaker industry has several relavent standards
and people in engineering societies working with engineers to update them
thats a marketing tool
warranties are not industry standards
terminilogy used in them may be
there are probably several standards governing the dimensions of car and motorcycle batteries
are the standards always followed? no

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and i have zero respect for this
chevy could have been the one with an electric corvette
they didnt want to push for the infrastructure
ive never been worried my shell or mobil gas was fake
rab: bullshit, show me a prototype or youre just fluffing reporters
in his case, i definitely believe that
if musk wants swap infrastructure, hed show a model S changing a battery in 60 seconds
he hasnt
he could buy failing gas stations and convert them, theyre literally all over the place
no mention
well why should anyone?
it doesnt fucking make sense
im gonna plug my car in and wait all day?
a car that only goes to work and back isnt a car, im sorry
not everyone works 7 days 12 hours in san jose
im sure the charging model works great for them
burny: serialize them with RFID
and make it a $100k fine for getting caught
whatever like, 10x the battery cost is
they should be sealed
with tamper proof everything

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thats a giant nat gas pipeline
eh that doesnt make sense rab
i dont think tesla chose his last time
i could be wrong dude was a bit of a wack
i just meant the name existed before someone named him nicola
burny: theres almost no reasons not to do battery swap stations with charging out of the car
im sure a battery fire would be much better handled in a small warehouse specifically built for that
as opposed to in your car
tru im being a semantic troll
i think itd be exactly like gas
if you care about your car, you dont by arco
simple as that
anyway, regarding tesla and charging, for them not to push swaps is for them to hold up the industry
so they are doing *exactly* what the rest of the car company was doing when they released the tesla roadster

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rab: so youre saying a tesla battery wouldnt work for this
which is my point
a battery should be a pack with power terminals and standard sense terminals and standard cutoffs
no one company should be designing this
and most likely, professional engineering societies should lead the way
rab: i dont think consumers should have to be responsible for maintaining and servicing that much energy
we dont plumb gasoline to houses
because thats fucking insane
i wonder if anyone has actually figured out if our power grid can actually distrubute enough energy to charge *everyones* car at 5am
charging a car was always a non started
even waitying 30 minutes to charge is a non starter for long trips
and 30 minutes to charge is going to blow up equipment
rab: pretty sure nat gas is a lot safer than gasoline
like, im picturing what that wall of fire in the middle of the intersection coming out of the water main puddle would have looked like if the pipe carried gasoline
rab: nighttime charging will be the peak

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gut thats basically an engineering r&d company
by nature it is rock and roll and you crack a few eggs
rab: i think it is a good first attempt
for musk to stick to charging instead of battery swapping is a losing battle
also my understanding is their drivetrain tech is based on what they got working, for sourcing and development reasons, and isnt ideal and whats being developped
rab: heh, poli sci group member got excited when i said i have zipcar and we could go shopping together and plus two of her friends
for $5/hr if we split it
because she embarassed having to ask for friends for rides all the time
anyway, i dont think youre right because its basically simple math for rental agencies
cars charging are cars not making money
tech to quick swap is like, not even worth considering tech
it just needs infrastructure and safety standards
and if gas is truly going to die, the physical space for infrastructure is already allocated for this purpose

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theyve increased safety while simultaneously increasing efficiency to levels previously thought theoretical
while increasing average performance to 70s pre-smog levels
and manufacturing in quantities that no heavy machinery industry can match, with cosmetic finish that every other industry envys
if youre into mass production engineering and manufacturing, the car industry sits on a pedastool
and this is possibly the source of my personal beef with musk
and truth is, i think the emotion is better characterized as dissapointment and concern
he needs someone like my brother
poli sci major, but his best friend is a hardcore geek
and socially, my brother basically translated
it worked for spacex

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the shuttle was versatile to sell to the military and intelligence, and it was designed in pieces so integration works but isnt great
it was very compromised and it had a history of problems the engineers didnt totally understand
watching NASA testify before congress about the issue was like, facepalm shit
'its a normal anomoly. it's not supposed to happen, but it does every time, so we monitor it'
the space station is a failure compared to its original goals
and i believe we still have to borrow russians pods to get people in and out of it
so if musk can fix that situation, and hes making good progress, mad props
im fine with tesla risking the lives of test pilots, astronauts, or race drivers
thats what they sign up for
dismissing people's lives based on signed eulas the people probably dont completely understand is not okay
its his fault for misleading people so they are not completely sure of what they are responsible for
the auto industry expects people to be stupid, for the most part
and design for it
consumer electronics is no different
but they are
and the industry has dealt with it
very well, in my opinion

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and i think if he stuck to low production high margin exotic-cars for a niche market, hed be fine
its basically 70s tech with 21st century control
its like, mfkr they made it work 40 years ago, you better be able to make it work now, with all the materials and controls improvements
the shuttle really kneecapped rocket tech
ancient china shit
i meant space capable rockets carrying people and fragile technology
were basically restarting tech we mostly abandoned in the 80s
burny: rocks have always been better for putting devices in space

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and i dont buy that he doesnt know
rab: my guess is your dad wasnt a fuckup genius grifter
i tend to have a view when smart people start spinning in circles
and i would like to see the man succeedm but this doesnt seem to be the path there
and car companies rule the universe in terms of DFM and DFA, and thats like my focus in all this drama
he tried to beat him, he looked silly, he is pivoting but kind of looking like an idiot while doing it, so well see what happens
*beat them
i actually support his rocket work, even though I dont think the tech is nearly as groundbreaking as people talk about

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that sounds cool
anyway, musk is being a dissapointment
i dont feel like my view is unique or extreme
that shit looks ready to go, minimal cosmetic waste
musk maybe doesnt get cosmetics dont mean shit in this industry
like, in the call he tried to make a case that the windscreen wasnt technolody its just cosmetics that nicolas truck glass isnt protected IP
he saying aero doesnt matter and isnt protectable as IP
without actually saying that
makes him look shady, regardless of the cred of their court position
my guess is a good company prob get a few patents out of it between design and fab
i dont necessarily agree with how IP is handled
but to say that its not really essential technology for a high efficiency truck is either misleading or showing lack of knowledge

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step, gap, dfm, dfa
they just dont know how to build medium cost cars for profit
those are basic metrics and principles for auto manufacturing
they tried to do it their own way
it didnt work, people laughed because they made same mistakes as car companies 30 years ago
and now they are backtracking
and doing more by hand and incremental automation
you know, like sane people
rab: yes i know people work there and corp ethics is a big deal to me?
auto makers have had these issues and in many cases dealt with them
in many cases, theyve probably gone to far, for example worker labor difficulty and skill vs pay and benefits
im fine with musk
i like him, but he needs to reel that shit in
maybe some of this shit will knock him down a bit and better products will happen
maybe he will run the shit into the dirt
maybe his trucks will perform as people expect instead of what he is saying, and hell slow down

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thats fine, i just think other murderous dickheads are way better at this than him
and those murderous dickheads have much less centralized control over their operations
they also have a century of experience with this shit
musk is like, 20-30 years under the bar in terms of manufacturing mass produced, affordable cars
scaring away investors?
creating hostile work environments?
producing cars with joke step, gap, DFM, and DFA?
3's have 90s kia problems
out of the box
efexx: of course
because the auto industry has no experience in making cars
or mass production automation
auto industry is clueless about designing cars
but musk will fix that, right?
techsmurf: theyre scary
like what else did the overlook
its like reading really bad tech docs
you know they got other issues they wont ever admit

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robot heater works now
maybe has some sort of internal ambient sensor
i dont think its mechanical, i banged on it a lot and nothing changed
rab: have to keep up appearances
rab: ive also heard engineering interns basically say their automation operation is completely fucked
professional opinions in articles from credible tech journalists aside

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techsmurf: neat @ label company help

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techsmurf: i trust their sensors
and thats pretty much it
because yeah, i doubt they get that involved in their acquisitions
they seem okay with a so-so consumer branding re: reliability
well i mean they seem okay with it
not their reliability is okay
heh @ fail on, fuck
13:40:38 < TechSmurf> They responded by STICKING to their suggestion... ....
that usually mean it was decided higher up, guy already had marching orders

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robot heater is flipping out
it knows when i sit it on the ground because it does its flip switch beep thing
but i press power and and it half beeps then does flip switch beep again
maybe heater block shorted
i can hear a relay flip
fuckin honeywell

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yeah i totally trust people lives to a dude who lays of workers and calls them performance firings, proving either lack of ethics or lack of hiring ability, and hangs up on government investigators they are supposedly cooperating with
im not trying to have a company who has step, gap and DFM issues like Kia in the 90s lead the industry in anything
rab: ^
A spokesperson even said that the NTSB was "more concerned with press headlines than actually promoting safety."
The NTSB expressed its frustration after Tesla published a March 30 blog post that essentially blamed the man behind the wheel, Walter Huang.
Fixed: A spokesperson even said that the NTSB was "more concerned with press headlines than actually promoting our brand."

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i dont have to work to 5pm, and i actually dont have group project bullshit today
i feel like i must be forgetting something
*have work until 5pm
timecop: be nice!
i stopped mining eth the second coinbase shut down paypal withdrawals
i dont pay for power

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