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dos: dope

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timecop: how many backdoors are baked into it?
they at least play with each other nice, i have them setup doing auto op and voice and +m, and they goofy op cookie shit hasnt broken
oh i was mostly joking
i figured thats like a python script or something
joking about the autoop thing
not so much about backdoors in wraith
irc'ers are lazy fucks, no ones reviewed all that code

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yeah i would just sort by 60x15mm and 12v, and click all the datasheets
the digikey spec doesnt always match up with the conditions in the datasheet, so maybe some are better
how do they spec them?
no way thats 16dB SPL
well its A weighted, and i guess its wide band noise peak
but damn at 16 dBA
thats like, studio quiet

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i know!
i think its because people didnt notice me working full time for like 6 or 7 years
dos: digikey has lots
i dunno if you can search by it, i think its one of the specs in the description table, but i think its blank a lot
they have datasheets
like, if you cant find it in the datasheet, its probably safe to assume its not good
those 60mm guys will scream sometimes
at least they kind of work
the 40mm ones its like, louder than your stereo and no CFM
prob more hub area than flow area
maybe they were hard to make and thats why they EOL'd them
is 15mm a hard limit?

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the other reporting problem is when techs actually do provide solutions, it means the problem was never elevated, so it doesnt show up at meetings
its pretty much handled with the design engineers directly, maybe checked out with the project manager
but the rest of the engineering team wouldnt know or maybe wouldnt even understand

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jero32: im probably towards 1/4 that
state school
like, units for my community college were maybe 5% cost vs this
and arguably the education was more useful in many way
but fuck being a lab manager
'hey boss my jobs sucks because everyone mad i find all the problems. but thats my job. they say i dont offer solutions. but thats their job.'

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seems accurate

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right, service techs are doing the same thing every day, theres no reason the company shouldnt have the exact tools required
r&d, sustaining, manufacturing, youre dealing with random shit and youre not going to have all the right gear every time
and buying shit can turn into an issue because its like, yo we only need that once every 3 years
putting you own gear into a test fixture is not a good idea unless thats part of your plan to stay necessary to your operation
job security is job security
'why did you lay off johnny?'
'we'd have to spend $20k in gear to keep the lines running'

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also write your name all over the shit
'hey middle manager guy, how come our test fixture has new guys name on it?'
middle manager: 'uh...'

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in general i dont ask for much, and when i do ask theyre usually looking for some solution to blow money on
i aint gonna waste an ask on another DMM just because i don't like theirs
or because its only available 30% of the time when lab is busy
i brought my own calculator to the interview just so i wouldnt be stuck with theirs
if youre a junior R&D tech, or a service tech, i wouldnt bring anything that doesnt clip onto your belt

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if youre a service tech and you work on the same shit everyday, you shouldnt bring your own gear
18:10:00 < jero32> yes lets shame the employees for their companies fuck up to not have the right resources
you need to leave that place
thats not a positive work environment
they will fuck you other ways
18:10:06 <@Rab> And there must be quid pro quo. If you are bringing personal resources to bear, you must be compensated in some satisfactory way.
i get paid to be on an r&d team working on things i love
part of being an r&d tech is figuring out what is necessary, and making it happen with as little assistance as possible
if my resources are something i do not want to contribute, i will not bring them up
or when someone asks, ill say no
ive done it before
eh im an r&d tech
which means covering your ass at all times
doing it in test documentation is the best way
it will outlast your emploment, the stories ive heard are awesome
also, #1 way to get your boss to buy something?
show him it working

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but in general, having the CNC at work made a lot of r&d work take hoursinstead of days, and I didnt have to live with it in a carpeted single room studio apartment
as far as 'losing standing' my works stands for itself, and my tools are my own, and i dont know of any r&d lab where this is not known
jero32: by tomorrow?
in 3 hours?
to use maybe 2 times?
im saying there are situations where it makes sense to use personal resources, where getting approval would lead to rejection and/or delays
engineering teams are responsible for the project
i have to proper outlook for an r&d tech working on engineering teams
if you cant afford to lose your gear, dont bring it
if it leaves the house, it risks not coming back
thats your personal risk to weigh
but keeping projects moving is how *everyone* keeps their job

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but thats a problem with me, project management, and accounting
the project moves forward
so even the project manager is pissed because he only sayed $250 instead of the $300 he though, hes happy his project is moving forward
youd let the project fall?
i guess i wouldnt consider that honorable, in my role
if you let the company DEPEND on your gear, youre an idiot
if you use your resources to keep a project moving, that would have been delayed otherwise, youre a hero
shrug, i kept my scope at my bench and used it not often
it was there specifically as a backup or a 2nd scope if i needed two
at 3 companyes, my vector tek lived at work, in my cubicle or office
and I always had oneof my DMMs at work
with my initials sharpied on it on every surface, inside the battery compartment, on the yellow cover
also at two companies, i stored my CNC at work
it killed one of my controller PC, because of the fucked up way outlets were wired in a shop

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16:27:46 < jero32> I mean its one thing to "bring in the scope" once cause reasons
eh, i usually had one of my scopes in labs i worked
if all other scopes were being used, my project kept going
it means there was always one scope available to me
someone used my scope without asking?
best be sure thats gonna be known
you dont take peoples personal shit. you didnt know? cool, odd because it has my name on it, and you took it from either my bench, my office, or my test setup
but now you know, dont let it happen again
that guy is probably an idiot
ive used personal gear at every job ive been at
you want company to pay?
get ready to fill out expense reports and wait
same thing with using my CNC for personal projects
the *only* time i fucked that up was when i did the job before telling them how much i wanted for stock and tooling

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rab: excellent work!
thats yours, right!?
im actually okay with his frame choice, thats pretty beefy
a 4u shelf would probably make an excellent preheater base
you could get some steel 4u panels to mount some 1.5" aluminum t-slot extrusion, and build inwards from there
those things usually have rack edges in the back, too
i mean, hes potentially off to a great start, better than where the MAKE 3d printers started from
does anyone talk about repraps anymore?

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