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15:24:49 <@Rab> I have a plan to mount a 12x12" CNC mill in a huge, heavy rack I have. But just as an enclosure, the mill wouldn't depend on the rack for structure.
which sounds sound, but i think for a relatively unloaded spindle like engraving and printing, the rack and extrusion hack might be towards ideal
i am liking the idea more and more
the tslot extrusion hardware even handles the front to back rack tolerance issues

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13:16:01 <@Rab> I dunno man. I know metal costs a lot, and the tools and techniques used to machine it might be unavailable or unfamiliar, but I've come to realize that the real investment is the labor.
making shit materials work takes alot of time, and for little return
im still thinking about that rack system as a 3d print frame, tho
rab: more people in the game means more ideas out there
even if most of the people dont realize what they have done right

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rab: if thats all aluminum it might work excellent
its probasbly styrafoam

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