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that would break in c++ too
but yeah, also correct
burny is either hired or i am possibly not hired
tho fuck a mfkr doing an interview at 7:15am
burny: thats weird, which ones?
what is visual basic?
yeah looks like VB is just =
how do you assign shit??
The = Operator is also used as an assignment operator.
you need to do functions?
i havent used it since scripting QA hardware
and i rewrote everything very modular
so like, most of the program was like, string of commands, not so much conditional

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j always finished the for loop completely unless i is out of range, thats what the break is for
no the inner loop already restarted
inner loop handles the 1-15 sequence, outer loop handles the 1-100 sequence
once it breaks out of the inner loop, the while() associated with the do() should catch the out of range condition and end
inner loop will be at 3 so it should
yeah inner loop numeric checks should be j
you are right
i should probably coffee before coding

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int i=1; do(){ for(j = 1; j <= 15; j++) { if(i < 100) break; if (i=15) print("FizzBuzz"); else if (i=3 || i=6 || i=9 || i=12) print("Fizz"); else if (i=5 || i=10) print("Buzz"); else print(i); } } while(i <=100);
if(i < 100) should be if (i > 100)
fuck modulus
its supposed to print 100
no i did one version of mine form last night
i would prob never do one with modulus
unless i had time to test both
yeah looks like it
i guess that could just be another for loop

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rab: i didnt do it that way because i figure c++ has all sorts of fancy print formatting
like if i do print(urmommys_addy) it prob come out all post office style in caps with the 9 digi zip

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full stack might include web server setup, but i doubt it
shrug, sure
i dont like kids

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blackmoon: full stack is webcode
it mostly just means you can do content generation and css and db management code
like, its pretty much 100% webcode
but like, lots of serverside stuff
yeah seriously
tho, you could learn pretty quick
free month, they have a full stack course, and then all corts of courses for individual languages and CMS and db]
if you wanted to learn to web dev im pretty sure you could figure it out
make a new site for brutal nature
like, you would maybe have a big advantage over normal web coders, because you actually know how to program

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so the following car eats up its tires and brakes trying to pass
anyway, if you put fairings over the wheels, they dont fuck up the air as much
and its not as heavy as having a whole body
also the split rear wing helps keep the air cleaner for the following car
and the diffuser for generating rear downforce is much less sensitive to dirty air
actually, probably yeah
this has been tried, twice

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omg look at the size of that diffuser
its looks dumb but its actually a big deal
biggest issue in F1 right now is that the standard open wheel aero makes following and thus passing impossible
like, the tires are the biggest aero problem, to the point where endurance prototype cars are starting to go as fast as f1
like, right now they go crazy shit with the front wings to create vortices which kind of fence off air getting fucked up by the tire
and then tuck air back over the floor
but it doesnt work right if you go through distrupted air

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its funny but since ive started to do silly things by leaving out breaks, i dont do that fuckup as much
is this his first ever language?
why does he want to learn c++?
yeah, i do that
i dont even know why c# would be useful
tell him to learn pythin
oh c# is like c-java

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id have two solutions, one for embedded and one for big fat os code
naw itd totally be 20 lines, one page
while loop, for loop, case switch, default case is output count
cant not work
you gave me an hour, i have two solutions in 5 minutes
do i get the job or what
i like them because its basically assembly
C doesnt even really try and hide it
and you can leave the case break out and have some pretty cool fall through functionality
so if i was interviewing a C coder, i would ask them what unions are good for
oh, i see

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does fizzbuzz have to be fast?
cuz im like, just for loop and mod the motherfucker with some conditionals
i rewrote it already
do for loop, 15 loops, just check for 3 6 5 9 10 12 15
have a running counter for the upcount
its faster!

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what is fizzbuzz test
he wants to learn c++?

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rab: https://imgur.com/za2us54
driver and codriver are fine
to learn stuff like that is why tesla should race (those are production car derived rally cars)

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he should have put a pair of lights across each arm so the effect on the prop stream would be symmetrical
this thing prob gonna want to yaw slightly forever
i think its a good solution i just think it could have been integrated better

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nice, $2

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also just to clarify definitions, i dont think RS274 CNC machines are industrial automation
does it have seperate voltage rail for the outputs?
nice, 12b, 1.5 khz
nice, 10mA
i should use this

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14:02:41 <@Rab> renesis, industrial automation has its intriguing aspects, despite being its own little world of hideous, archaic abstraction layers.
din rail boxes and optos
semicorps and diy have surpassed industrial automation in abstraction through text and visual code wrappers
i cant fucking stand labview and ladder logic
but STM32 HAL, good implementation of scratch and other block shit that ships with pi, and RS274 with free and affordable machine controller software, that shit works yo
industrial automation is like, 70s mainframe terminal programming styles for 90s hardware

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omg polypro box caps so cheap

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fuck using automation shit, i want to make it
using automation shit is technician level

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no thats the same as here
theres basically industrial automation people, and embedded systems people
as an embedded systems people, i think a lot of the industrial automation stuff is silly
and their level of documentation control is pretty shit compared to semiconductor industry

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its like protools for audio, like sure its good software, but its maybe not what people want, and yeah theres like 10 options now and some free
and when youre not paying a studio $1000/hr, a software crash isnt always the end of all life
its usable
i hate it
like you have to hire a guy full time, or just allocate some dude to labview
i can do it and i still dont want to put it on my resume
i dont want to put PLC programming on my resume either
i dont understand he wants more math?

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ya get fucked
^official from NI
the people who programmed the UI left 20 years ago
thats my theory
yeah but anything can do that now
literally everything has some sort of comm port
like, almost all lab equipment can be automated
with like, normal computers, pis, microcontrollers, PLC, anything
less interconnects, better interconnects
everything closer
like, this turnkey automation shit is straight out of the 90s

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and the strain gages are uses attached to the aluminum with cyanoacrylate
this would
its kind of a dual beam
anyway strain isnt linear with force, but im pretty sure the output ends up being linear vs force
thats what our load cell did
and i know national instruments sells a special labview box to convert strain guage to actual strain
which you have to log math back to a force
so like, they waste your money and your processing time
besides forcing you to dick with their hopeless UI

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jero32: noooooooo
the middle part is some IP rated coating to protect the strain gages
you mount one side rigid and the load mounts to the other side
the cutouts concentrate the strain where they glue the gages
if its a full bridge setup, like, 4 wires out, maybe a resistor in series with the bridge, you just put power and ground and feed to instrumentation amp and youre done
the load cell has strain gauges under the splash resist coating on top
its like a hard gel, its made to be flexible

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fellow kid did an FEA on it for safety factor, long term cyclic loading analysis w/ 20 kg
safety factor at the little point of the load cell was 2.3
was pretty cool
was from a vishay acquired company
jero32: you can use lots and mix them, shrug
not even
you can get those waaaaay cheaper, thats ones almost nice
yeah thats like some shit for grandmas nice sewing machine
i dont trust the $15 one
that shit looks like a 60 year old design that has gotten thinner and thinner

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rab: jesus bounty hunter sold his jezus bounty k9 unit jeep
and deleted his youtube
now he has a bounty monister shirt, and tries to small talk the lacross house girls across from the old NA building he is doing mysterious work in
*bounty minister
they say he lingers, but we agree getting rid of the truck and youtube is a good step
10 kg
one i am using for project is much beefier, and its only 20 kg

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