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which is why firewire doesnt work much
connectors arent great, and wasnt used much so not tested much

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some hardware has usb 1/2/3 compatibility issues
2hats prob why its worked for like 20 years

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also it has software to do matrix mixing of windows mapped channels vs hardware channels
so you could present as many audio channels to windows as you wanted,m then arbitrarily mix them to the individual output pairs
i dont think it used onboard DSP
but RME uses onboard DSP
'hammerfall' series interfaces and card
burny: the focusrite software basically runs in between the windows audio ports and the hardware
so you can use windows hardware mixer like normal
and have the focusrite mixer routing the windows output ports to the hardware any way you want
its like, a multi channel mixer interface, and you have tabs of identical configurable interfaces as the matrix
itll let you positive feedback shit and blow up connected hardware, its legit software
windows audio has been sorted for way over 10 years
the only issues ive had are with firewire drivers
usb shit just works

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16:24:05 < burny> doesn't windows mix it all down to a single channel regardless?
like, single stereo channel?
windows has never had issues seeing my audio interface outputs
so like, i would get stereo-paired balanced-out cans 1 & 2, stereo-paired balanced-out chans 3 & 4, and stereo-paired SPDIF/AES3 chans 5 & 6
for the scarlett 6i6
and you can ASIO driver for direct access and abritary channel grouping using a DAW, or something like fb2k or audacity

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naw, single skid out can flat spot the tires
you lock up under braking, you maybe fucked your race

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anyway, after tires, brakes are the highest priority component, so this is pretty wtf
step and gap doesnt get anyone hurt
too much unsprung weight

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like, fresh brakes are going to perform worse
and the regen braking mich be detuned to work with worn-in, warmed-up, sticky brakes
like, a lot of companies are going to be pouring money into learning this stuff for Formula E drivetrain dev
burny: F1 has about 100 issues
front wing aero, and how it interacts with wheel turbulence, the foors, and the rear wings is a big issue
but ross brawn is on it, so it will be fixed
Formula E chassis is arguably a test bed for future F1 aero
the split rear wing, fenders and fairings over open-wheels, the monster rear diffuser
a lot of little things that should help make the cars less sensitive to dirty air
rab: in hybrid systems there is also variable engine braking to deal with
so tesla are not dealing with that, and their feedback system is that much simpler

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you have to do it right
doing it wrong means spinning the car out
and for safety reasons, they are probably blending with the hydraulic system
this is basically where the drivetrain and integration guys are making their money
its a problem in F1, when the rear brake mixing systems dont work right, you get top driving spinning out at turn exits
these are like, literally best drivers in the world
and the best drivetrain engineers money can hire
i dont think theres a known best solution yet
well, i guess better to say known best implimentation
yeah theres something wrong
it should be able to do much better
but maybe the brakes are oversized
and they cant get the rears to work right with various pad wear conditions

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i want to see tesla fighting like a little honey badger when it comes to direct to consumer online car sales
all this other shit, they need to stfu and hire more people who know wtf they are doing
they are coming off worse than ferrari, test number discrepancies like this
i mean cmon, fucking brakes?
put 1" bigger wheels and put some bigger discs with more caliper pots, charge customers an extra $1000 and move on

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so maybe they started using china CM with TASCAM
which actually worked out, cheap tascam shit is pretty rad
and it just didnt work out for the home cd changer stereo stuff
the changers were total shit
like they worked but they took forever and sounded like they wear eating themselves

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TEAC is known for its audio equipment, and was a primary manufacturer of high-end audio equipment in the 1970s and 1980s. During that time, TEAC produced reel-to-reels, cassette decks, CD players, turntables and amplifiers.
^where their cred comes from
like, i think the last time they did something cool was cassette decks competitive with the sony ones *everyone* has
their 90s shit was like, aiwa crap, but bad UI firmware
plastic shells and fiberboard backs
shit non backlit LCD, really shitty tac switch feel
was like they went fuckit and started punting china CM shit
rab: since when?
that would explain a lot
gibson buys companies and then kind of leaves them out to dry up and die
oh, yeah thats recent
right around the stanton acquisition

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rab, jeita is prob chaired by people who manage engineers at sony
nice solidworks japan right above sony in the members list
teac is weird now
like theyve transistioned into a coby model i think
do they still do high end shit?
doesnt seem to be making them money
like, i see old teac tape shit, and crap 90s looking teac home stereos
well like teac super high end was teac studio shit
and tascam was mass production, was like an actual brand with a performance and pricing spread
and then like, total crap home audio with teac slapped on it

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like wed clean up the lab, and everybody gets a CLIO plus hide a couple spares

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*for gc reps
he tried to hotplug the RCA
whole building heard it, whole building knew what was happening in the auditorium
tried to claim the QSC didnt do it
blew a week of r&d trying to find switched ground first RCA jacks
i go downstairs and try it on the qsc, buzz lights up everything in the room
'engineer' is founder's buddy, so of course nothing is ever mentioned again
this guy wouldnt share the CLIO for transducer test
'we need it for r&d'
bitch wtf do you think we do all day in the r&d lab
tho thats mean to say because he shouldnt be expected to know because he was never there
but i mean wtf @ not sharing test gear
not even like CLIO are crazy expensive
one places i was at would just buy new ones instead of finding ones they bought a couple years earlier

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wwhats pinout?
i like this
gotta suck when the TRRR breaks off in your $3k walkman
heh, ive walked into guitar center with audio interfaces, only thingt wrong is a TRS broke off inside
'it broke, dis receipt'
new interface
naw this rock n roll
i can see them doing it either way
dont be hot plugging your shit
we had an acoustic 'engineer' at one place, was doing a speaker demo got guitar center reps

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mere pocket change
thats like a miata NA and a set of falken tires
yeah its bigger but not 1/4!

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i would be surprised if they didnt do somethingt cool with VR in the next 5 years
naw its cool, they've always had some of the best audiophile marketing
like, their high end headphones usually have some pretty sleezy marketing attached, but they measure good
i bet fine sound register is a resistor array
is that really their pic or are you doing a funny?
yeah its hard not to love sony
like, their stuff measures fine, they invented a lot of this tech, but they know what moves the product
burny: well fix it with wet wiring
rab: right thats beautiful to most anyone done manufacturing, regardless of their marketing bs

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yeah they make DACs and shit!
like, there is a slice of sony corporate that is in love with audio
i bet they are like harmon, anyones guess which r&d lab the stuff comes out of

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blackmoon: right you need some sort of tuned lever and some way to load the system, or something
no needle tho, just some sort of suspended rotating magnet
keyed to the drivetrain somehow
oh man
guys i want sony to dominate again
but i dont want it to be like the McLaren-Honda reboot
i want it to be good
rab: like, id want that shit in my lap module slot in my 2040 space pod
do they even make TV anymore?
its like theyve curled up into a little ball that ejects playstations as a defence mechanism

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seems like a goofy problem to solve
but it wouldnt be hard to clock the bias osillator with the tape drive
which means syncing playback is probably pretty easy
so maybe you could do something with pendulums and cams

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rab: how do you playback?

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records arent about sound quality
its about tactile feedback
records and record players are fun
rolls would not be as fun
and they present a shipping and storage problem compared to discs
i dunno about that, i <3 softsynths

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thats all there was
pretty sure there were plastic rolls before plastic discs

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why no one pays them
and thats why theyll keep going up
gotta boil over at some point
theyre talking about nutritional insecurity at school
im like, bitches why dont you just say a lot of kids have to starve to make school schedules work
was talking to project bro yesterday about this smartypants girl, basically worked herself out of school
working like 30-50 hours, going to school full time
now she just works, takes a class at local CC sometimes, happy at home with her bf
well some teachers were cool with it, didnt get her totally random performance
but like, would try and make it work because she knows her shit, learns pretty quick
didnt matter because other teachers wouldnt cut her any slack
like, shed get As on tests and theyd fail her over missing assignments and attendance

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blackmoon: holy fuck the math is like secondary now
like, last 4 years, math hazing
and mechas only do thru calc2 and diff equations
tho, statics and dynamics use calc3 shit so its just like, FIGURE IT OUT MECA BITCHES
same with matlab, mechanicals get a matlab course, we get object c++, cortex-m asm and c, JUST FIGURE MATLAB OUT MECA BITCHES
yes i bought matlab for one assignment
and i use python for everything else
sculptor: it works out better for kids who normally buy the books
instructor texts are always cheaper, even if theyre not cheap
it does not work out for the majority of kids torrenting or downloading from the russians
blackmoon: most school texts are like, $200-500
in my experience instructor texts are like $20-100

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just do a bunch of ltpice plots
you will notice the pattern =)
naw him and rab started as tiny hackers
google didnt exist

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i think you should convert everything back to switches and incandecents
just put a bunch of digital wires in parallel
the insulation will be fine
jero32: phase should in multiple of 15 deg divs
besides that go nuts

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yeah that 10k load slew time, omg
like were signaling turtles up in this bitch

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omg no melting
differences in ground potential

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sculptor probably optos all the things

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