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a lot of people not sure about that

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yeah im really curious if they would use the net operationally
theres ways they could develop code that theyre not eavesdropping
like, say if you just wanted to use the net as a packet cannon
no reason you have to snoop
i guess its DOJ's?
so not mil or intelligence
so you know theyre jealous and already got powerpoint decks of what they want to do with it
well, my point is you could go in front of a judge, with source code
basically like, this is what were going to run
and it would be trivial to verify thats what they actually sent out
right it would take a new type of court setup
but they effectively did that for post 9/11 surveillance
nect few elections are going to be all kinds of shady
russians got literally nothing to lose that they arent already afraid of losing

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russia botnet installs host firmware on consumer routers
operational code is plugin, does not persist across reboots
on reboot, router checks photobucket for images w/ connection info in meta data, those images have been removed
fallback to download operational code is some site toknowall.com
fbi told verisign to give them that domain for the investigation, obviously verisign does
so now the infected routers connected to fbi operated site, current does not serve operational code plugin
so a reboot of infected routers kills the bad code
and the fbi have themselves a monster botnet
blackmoon: or something

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