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ya they have like all of them

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dunno epoxy would keep bugs off it
also more stable temps across board for adc
is that new bofh?

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unless it has some crazy low or crazy high impedance
thats what sensitivity is spec'd at?
thats neat
just get them and test a bunch

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you could address 24 spi adc with 5 bits using 3x 8b decoders
then use 3 bits for spi io and clk
so 8 data bits, you can do 16p header and have bunch of grounds, digital and analog supply ins
you can do some sort of sexy cable
yeah thats probably fine

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timecop: also more kids getting shot because gun out, unlocked, safety off
right but they are prob not any kind of accurate in an absolute sense
onboard the PCBs or transformers?
some shit with spi and a decoder to select would be cool

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take pics
the little ring sensors you pass a wire through?
or some similar config
yeah because i think you can calibrate them or figure out sensitivity pretty easy
like, cheap ones work

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yeah i think massive r&d should be put into active driver aids
i think naming anything autu-whatever should be criminal at this point
computer vision and simple AI training are fine for controlled encironments, that shit isnt like 60 mph in random environments and lighting ready
im sure it works, i dont think it works close enough to every time
people are not test pilots or race drivers
its kind of fucked up to say, but its a little okay to hurt test pilots and race drivers
they would prob be doing the same shit in public if large companies werent harnessing their insanity

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someone needs to redo eevblog with some sort of voice to text, then text to speech translator
maybe just agressive low pass filtering on his voice
damn it had the return char at the end
oh no it overflowed

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timecop: jezus fuck his voice
good timing on the url
yeah but i had to listen to enough of his voice to figure that out

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