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i dunno what a roomba costs
other hacker has one
he says it only gets stuck sometimes
i mean i dont know how much they are normally
because dead

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no swept
like with a broom on the floor

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i have not swept in 6 months

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clearly a cat dragon

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makes a lot of fluffy art school sounding stuff seem silly, even tho dudes statement is silly
and yeah way cool work
pac nw stuff is like central american and egyption stuff
like, geometric and symbolic but mostly you know what its supposed to be

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theyre for wood carving?
pac nw natives do some pretty badass stuff with wood
that looks more american american than native american
so the metal is like, almost HSS?
haha, his artist statement is cool

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is mass produced china steel

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add 10 mils / 0.25 mm to the diameter
also dont fuck up at square pin diamaters, pythagorems that shit

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yea .2" vs 5mm is already kind of too much
you figure after all the PCB fab slop, you got maybe 5 to 10 miles of tolerance zone
so after one gap, you already ate up your tolerance
in my experience, you can tell theholes are offset on single gap mismatches
and things like side by side headers just wont work
its like trying to push big tac switches into a breadboard
shit works but you have to press so hard on the corners feels like youre gonna break the shit

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everything works for gasoline
HDPE seems kind of shitty

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so PTFE is winrar
xylene and mek fucking up the world
delrin cant deal with hydrogen peroxide at 3%
yeah lots of tube fittings are delrin

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that because you didnt use glue and reflow upside down
yeah but those dont look plugged

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thats just not how its done
they didnt even use curvy corners on the traces

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i hope that is conformal coating
wouldnt random connectors from ebay have same issue?
would trust overmolded cables more if they didnt look goofy
i like the little panel things w/ normal cables

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how will you mount it?
yeah maybe you can hack something with extension cables
and do something with a grommet and blank plate
why they no show back
that needs glue

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wait did i fuck that up?
yeah because 9/4 is prob 2.25
yeah sqrt of that is 1.5, so you are probably right
i guess if exponents are distributable across fractions
it prob has a name
no this is junior high
everyone does, thats why you look it up
thats why smart mfkrs had lots of books back in the day

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3^2 / 2^2 = 9 / 4 = 2.125
sqrt of that is...
3/2 != 1.45773797371
also an example of why testing shit with twos and fours is bad
i believe the calc professor refer to this type of question as 'freshmans dream'
like, there are a lot of problems that you can reduce incorrectly in one step
fuck i have dynamics and electronics 1 next semester
my math skills not where they prob should be

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your example doesnt have enough variables and no division
a^2 = b^2 / c^2 ; a * a = (b * b) / (c * c); (4 * 4) / (2 * 2) = 16 / 4 = 4, so a is 2; soooo... 2 != 16 / 4
wait no
2 = 4 / 2
shrug, maybe

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i dont think it does?
b^(1/2) / c^(1/2), so compare so b^2 / c^2
pretty sure you cant (b/c)^2, they arent common terms

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