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and there is some sort of parker 3 phase motor w/ direction reversing drivetrain, and what looks to be reduction gearing and a short distance ram
there are limit switches on the gearbox/ram side set about 1.5" apart
prob what attaches to the atlas copco controller
which rattles like a screw loose inside
oh, and some sort of lubrication system, tank

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lots of automation sensors, look like a bunch of inductive or mag sensors, bunch of IR emitters, seems short on detectors
some sort of sensor looking 'press' controller dealy, is like a 4x4x2" shiny plastic block with an indent for a 1" pipe or lever something
bunch of air rams and stages
one that somehow puts airo into a central guide to push a stage, i have no idea how it works
like, there doesnt seem to be any way for the air from the shaft guide to get to the stage
and the guide doesnt move
and the stage moves far enough to see the entire guide shaft
shrug, magic
also there is the 1400VA variac, and atlas copco 'tensor dl' (?) torque (current) mode controller for 3 phase motors, manual suggests fastening tool applications
sculptor: my left should is some sort of fucked

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so like, sorted through all this automation stuff bike cart boss gave me
junk from his internship job
like, there are these pneumatic wire snip things
there is an air ram that pushes like a little inverted cone
and the cone's inside surface pushed on rounded plier 'handles'
i have like, straight and angled wire snips from 1/2" to 1" cutting length
also two hole punch ends but i dont have air snip assemblies big enough to hold them
also there seems to be some sort of air input process controller
shit is like a 1" cube, air fitting in the back, 5 wire cable out the bottom, 3 buttons and segment LEDs in front
cute thing

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13:31:07 <@Rab> But it "worked great before!"

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