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elon maybe in trouble
because asshole

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on the output?
i just have 0.1uF ceramics on them
its pretty low current and i have 0.1uF one everything
kevtris: its all 7805, LM316 stuff except for the 3.3v reg
i think the 3.3v reg might be an LDO
yeah ive never had probs with them, im just worried about the 3.3v one
some st part, its 15v input so doesnt need to be ldo, just what was available and cheap in to220

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its before bunch of vregs, after a mean well SMPS
like, 10uF electrolytic
because i realized it would eliminate electolytics completely
maybe i should put electrolytic footprint like underneath

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well thank god for that
they might actually just be restocking that quick
like, theyre in emergency small shipments mode
yeah but its digikey
if anyone getting special treatment its them
that would explain why values for the series i was looking at were spotty
you guys ever use through hole MLCC stuff?
i was going to use three 3.3uF through hole ceramic instead of a 10uF cap

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prob market insecurity so big companies buying a lot of stock
how are ceramic caps unobtanium?
worlds about to end soon, then
story of this phase of society will be how we made all this super cool shit, then literally threw it all away

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china sourcing is kind of an art
digikey/mouser have distributors there
most fabs seem really flexible
like, they will source from legit distributors if you tell them to and give them the part numbers
but theyll will hunt down the shadiest of chips if you tell them you just want it cheap
also it is way more difficult if you dont have someone there, physically =\
QA is #1
you want to find the problems at the end of their line, not at your warehouse after a 3 week boat trip
rab: sucks
when disagreements happen, communication gets slooooooow

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lots of very good ee like this
jero32: a lot of ee just do systems and schematics, so someone else doing layout work
people good at diff things, shrug
all the EE mirror a connector at some point
cnc maching yourself teachers you how to DFM
because fuck this 30 hours machine cycle
or fuck this 8 setup part
or fuck this 1.5" deep slot
efexx: the machine or the envelope?
jero32: right some people learn this stuff because manufacturing engineers told them no at some point

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efexx: is it just a clip for the dc peak, or for the signal riding the offset?
jero32: most EE cant solder, shrug
oh, yeah that is more challenging
jero32: they dont teach much PCB design or assembly in EE programs
so its all on the job
so if your company has good techs and assemblers, you maybe never get close to an iron
i know EE who would flat out be like, i dont do assembly and test
basically 'i sit in a chair and draw things'
heheh @ rab
not when you have 4 hour of soldering calculated, and tons of other shit to do
also designing rework can be a balance game, just because you can do something doesnt mean a production line assembler can do it quickly

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deadbug them in first!
gotta do window comparator for clip light, or audio gods will be sad
like, rework changed into prototypers to check, then do big order
kitchen sink the PCB so you can fix with BOM changes instead of reworks!
sounds good

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bad profile or multiple profile per board?
are resonators even that much cheaper?
ive never looked because im im like that level of fuckit, ill just use an internal RC and send out clock somehow
*if im like

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heh, china PCBA needs a lot of QA
2-3 out of 70 sounds like maybe the part didnt like the soldering profile
so is multizone reflow a thing yet?
possibly which?

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oh blackmoon need like something to show scale?
grid paper doesnt really work unless you specify the block size, small ruler on white next to knife works, can get clear ones so doesnt mess with color balance so much
if you get print shop to do backdrop, get lots because will get messed up when you move product around on it

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blackmoon: you need image backdrop?
go to art store and buy big white piece of paper
not to thick because itll crease when you bend it
then tape one edge to front of table, then use something to hold the other end of the paper like 2ft above table
so the paper is flat on the table and then forms a white backdrop with a radius at bottom
then you get like, 2 or three light sources above and in front of paper and thing you are taking pics of
like, you want a lot of little blurry shadows, so diffused light works better

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eggsalad gonna take the channel
eggsalad: kinda

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