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because i tried to cycle
because it wouldnt let me post to channel because banned
the ban mask wouldnt even work
that guy has used two diff top level IP with the same username
*!*NOSP4Mz@* would have worked

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eck0: y u ban my entire top level ip group in #cars
+b *!*@185*
im banned from #cars? :(

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ino ino

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its like a big fat frog crawing stoned through concrete jamaica
still dunno
rab: where are they going?
back to freshmeat?
where timecop is og
well should i backup my uploads?
fuck the cloud

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yeah i like this stuff
its early dubstep, which actually sounds like dub
original dub is like, jamaican producers getting board, slicing their master tracks up into completely new songs
so it all sounds like dancehall, ska, reggae, with bunch of crazy echo and reverb effects
but then dnb producers adopted it to get kids into bass music, because its easier to te relate to half-step beats coming from house music, which is always most popular
right around when they did this, clown-step wobbles were a thing in dnb, a fad
so dubstep became endless permutations of wobbles and vocoder bass
but this stuff, this is dubstep
like old RAW
well, old 6BLOCC, which is new RAW

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sculptor: https://youtu.be/rz2OIkDcg_o
it kind of starts for real at 1:25
sculptor: <3 semi random fusion of square and saw signals
this is less socially acceptable
but i think a classic
like, 70s dub?

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can we turn them into projectiles?
depleted uranium my nuts

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hook it to a this
earthworks makes a pretty good general purpose mic pre
sculptor: yeah thats a company buys kind of thing, i would buy a umik-1 for personal use

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no not really
you want a measurement mic with a calibration file
thats a good measurement mic to me
cost effective! from $499!

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the hardware is as cheap as like $100 i think
it can do room correction and whatever other audio processing you want
a lot of people use it for active crossover stuff

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and put your digital attenuators at like 0db or maybe -3dB
and then set the speaker volume at like, loudest level you ever want to hear them at
and never touch speaker volume again
that way you have best signal to noise ratio
the pro audio, all amps all the way up bullshit is exactly that, bullshit
guys have like 10 gain stages, running amps with bazooka gain
yeah thats neat
i would still do it the way i mentioned, at 0dB
this deals with tiny signal sources pretty well tho
sculptor: do you know about minidsp?
minidsp software plugins arent free but theyre cheap, like $10

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like, i didnt even remember i liked this shit
is that some gnome or qt shit?
shrug, can just notepad++ in windows
you want to take you primary signal source, put it all the way up, or as high as is undistorted

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people im doing school project for got them as approved vendor
this is why i was just gonna put this shit on the school project budget
they can buy all the digikey and mcmaster shit
i guess i have a coffee and write the mail

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<3 most versions of tinkerbell
i wonder if this means notepad will be replaced by atom
atom is so bad
i tried to load a CAM generated gcode file
it just died
like it has no concept of buffering or something
when i tried to restart it, it tried to reopen all the same windows
opens the gcode, dies
mt: yeah i really dislike it when there is only nano, and maybe some stripped out vi for scripts
haha so advanced circuits is quoting like 10x more expensive than allpcb, pcbway

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