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timecop: got an ex-mil welder on my school project team
always trying to figure out how to include welding

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timecop: the water and shock proofing is excellent

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kevtris: SLA have been that good since forever
kevtris: not in the tradition sense, no i dont think so
like, i think DIY stuff is basically CNC style mechanics with a beam or something
not a true optical system
kevtris: 10-15 years
it kills the DFM

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opengl is used in a ton of non gaming applications
like, most 3d visualization functionality is prob done with opengl
this company is such marketing trash
i didnt think i could miss jobs, but apple without jobs kind of makes me want him back

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rab: training wheels teach you to lean to one side to not bounce between the two wheels

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f1 mechanic talks about renault start trick from about 10 years ago
basically they figured out a signal in the race control computer that flipped at lights out (race start), some false start signal
so like, charlie whiting, the race director, was remotely launching the renaults with his race start button

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