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hopefully this is last summer of bullshit middle of nowhere jobs

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meanwhile, i maybe scored a summer factory job at internationally famous company
40 hours min wage wooooooooooooooooooo!

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nanos fix everything
future of space travel? blow up one billion space nano pod on a barge in the pacific, 4 or 5 make it to space
some nanos carry drop of water to apply to other nanos
no-water nano expands to full mass and volume
like dinosaur sponge, but in space

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it broke its drill

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its got a reactor?
Radioisotope power systems (RPSs) are generators that produce electricity from the decay of radioactive isotopes, such as plutonium-238, which is a non-fissile isotope of plutonium. Heat given off by the decay of this isotope is converted into electric voltage by thermocouples, providing constant power during all seasons and through the day and night.
omg wipers people
the wipers can have their own little panels
space is hard

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sculptor: nice, the beats and synth 5 min in are ++

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east coast of the pacific ring of fire

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i havent had a blender in so long
i think i cracked the pitcher thing like year 2
i suppose i should make a breakfast
its 10am
yeah im at the end of the world

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tecan: are you just showing us pics of models you downloaded or what it this?

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