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that seems scary without feedback of some sort
latching relay i guess
wait its for zero cross switching?
no i think i misunderstood the timing diagram
right by switching on zeros
instead of at random

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yes is not find new friends button

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w00t got job

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the car movement are legit
it gets ass end out but it catches outside tire grip on the bricks before the curbs
you see a bit of oppo (opposite steering input)
since its not the RWD diablo, makes sense that it would only slightly turn when catching the gravel
no and i have to go

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blackmoon: hehe @ they modeled the gravel

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pretty sure those are AWD
has a GT tag, there was like a VT series or something for racing that was RWD

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thats like me almost every day

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bourdain went out like a rock star
my friend with the push bike kid loves bourdain, ive prob watched like 100 eps of that shit at his place
rab: murka
or right tecan is a canadia

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its all bullshit unless fed stops busting people
warren and some republican have a bill
will probably die
anyway, owners cant use banks so the shit is pretty much the same as a mid-level slinging operation
working for weed business was like working for kid managers
'hi boss you guys left a ziplock of like $7k at my place can you come pick it up'
'oh. i had a feeling we were low'

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