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wtf pendulum and skrillex
sequenced vocoder, didnt see that coming
least they got a little reggae strum thing going on
ya fuckem, new noisia colab still noisia level dope

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like inside the nozzle
maybe just some cam times shit or something
machines prob 40 years old
just burned up?

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wtf at plugging with a push pin and clipping it
that seems more like instructions to make a bic rocket
im pretty sure there is a way to do it non destructively
theres a valve its just tiny
guy prob has little bits of valve in the gas tank
who knows maybe
high pressure they could just fill link normal and pop the bearing in

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maybe fresh flint?
the clippers kind of break in, ive noticed when the flint is fresh, flat, roller can kind of stick
anyway, theyre not as good as bics
the design seems cool but the materials are shit
yeah that too
i think thats maybe just the flints they use
maybe its the roller wire
yeah i just flicked my mini bic, first time
just did it like 10 times, didnt light twice
and i was going fast and i havent removed child proof
i dunno i bet they went out of their way to not be compatible
because fuck bic or something
i think they should bring adjustable bics back
because i think thats what they are
redesign of cheap clear lighters
plastics kind of feel the same, the levers go to shit the same
like, if bics were refillable theyd last forever
you need a special tip or something
pretty sure they fill them in production through the bottom, there little ball spring valve looking thing
or a pin or who knows its tiny

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anyway, product uses piezo discs under some rubber pads as midi triggers
some really shitty peak hold circuit to read them
anyway, pretty sure the piezos were getting crushed
blackmoon: not really, mostly it was just saturated or not there
disposables are fine, i like them actually
theyre pretty waterproof
usually similar
bix electrics are pretty cool
yeah theyre not great
i was annoyed when the small clipper flint did not fit into the big clipper
the lever deflects more and more until it barely works
the star shaped thing is kind of cool
yeah you kind of have to be able to grab the edge with your thumb
i seem to be more dexterous than my stubby fingers would suggest

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haha other hacker asked if i had ever watched that aussie guy on youtube
'i cant stand his voice'
'i know!'
also, he says he is an idiot
that when he works on audio circuits, he shows he doesn't know wtf he is talking about
other hacker thinks thinks ex asshole coworker is prob the one who got them to use all the black rubber CA glue
i think maybe true, because he tried to fix those shitty piezo velocity triggers with it

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so nothing happens?
shrug, those meters are fine for general purpose use

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it so it doesnt push on your chode when you butt squeezes the padding on the sides
the nose of the seat is worn away so the tacks are poking out of the front
foam is why they exist
your butt pushed down on the foam on the sides, and the foam in the middle sticks up into your chode
remove the middle section of the seat, no more problem
its for girls and boys
on harder seats it just kind of looks cool, maybe saves a few grams

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i was going to put the tape on the seat
0 miles is workable if i cant move because of pinched sciatic nerve

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the what is TV thing happened first
man fuck being broke like this
cant think about shit
doesnt start until tomorrow and i wont see a paycheck for almost two weeks
meanwhile, the tacks in my worn bike seat are starting to tear my pants
and i dont have a lot of pants
also the job includes a 5 mile bike commute, and this morning my hip did a thing like, HAHAHA YOU THOUGHT I WAS FINE DIDNT YOU WELL FUCK YOU

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i dont think it was that fun, it was like going in circles with a troll
i thought the conversation about shit media streaming and how it relates to the music industry's struggle to monetize their media was interesting
i thought the sematic arguments afterwords about what is TV and what is art were pretty useless
sure im just saying the subject was not very interesting and i dont really feel like it was an honest one, i dont want to redo it
well stu doesnt run the channel anymore, so ya
like 10 years gone now, probably

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haha wtf
.25 dpi is 4" pixels
pretty sure dp is dot pitch

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that would so rad
equally as ridiculous, useless and rad
1080 on a 6" and you cant see pixels
so this has basically been finished tech for 8 years?
right burny i mean normal use not holding the phone against your face
right but hitting the DPI spec
you dont need more than 1080 on a 6", and 720 on my gnex was very good
on portables in mass production? no way
30 years ago pixels were the size of dogs
cat size pixels were like, cutting edge

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you bought beats headphones?
seriously jero?
yeah phones with that are annoying
so next question, you actually keep the operating system you bought the computer with?
also wtf at capital J
im happy to know im not the only one
probably because most people just look at the first character in conversations so its like your someone else
jiggawatz: well that much has been clear from the start

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they just need to find a friend at a gallery to lend their expert opinion to the cause
have a showing, eat
You dont say anything, experts may decide you are a genius, and maybe you eat all year

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so not art
so not based on intent
efexx_ a lot of what youre saying seems silly
so far art is based on intent which cannot be known, and must be a first instance in larger society
kind of contradictory
seems like art is what people decide it is
and academics have just puta lot of thought into it
and have a lot of theories
because wtf else would they do all day, theyre academics
intent cannot be known, just assumed efexx_
intent is only obvious if you think you are smarter than the one with the intent
so basically your whole argument is based on intent is obvious
i mean, even clearly defining what an 'idea' is a pretty endless
its true when people have to market themselves to eat

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so to a baby, everything produced is art
so it stops being art if it is realized someone someone else independently made it first
*someone somehwre
so art is not based on intent?
you said it has to do with intent
oh, the prize
higher valuation
but what if that was your intent
but it was done independently first without your knowledge
things start and stop being art

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well, naive or showing an intent to change people minds, which some would call marketing, because there is money involved
is shit graffiti art?
destruction of property cannot be art?
you created something new
art must be legal?
its only destructive if you dont like it

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discussion otherwise is in itself an art
of course it is true
i also believe there is art you dont consider art, and thing i would consider crap that you wouldnt consider art
i think that my view and everyone elses is as informed as yours
having lived their own life as their own, and having their own perspective
right im saying there is no authority
and academia is attempting to create value in the market for academics
certainly some are so to claim otherwise without exception seems rather naive

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Since you cant truly know intent, you cant truly know art.
i like this
Since one cannot truly know art, expert claims otherwise are to shape a market
and people can falsely assume intent
well crafted artists statements reak of academic training
burny: but considering both means one cannot truly know art, per efexx_
i suspect efexx_ is an expert opinion shaping the market as we speak
yes an that it cant ever truly be known means the pursuit is a lifelong event
i dont think anything is really art or not art
i believe that people consider things art and not art
thats basically all i believe on the matter

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yeah im done, i just dont see that as true

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again, thats what the academic world would like everyone to believe
that they have the lexicon for what is and isnt art
because if you dont discover this they might not give you a degree
and you paid a lot for that degree
its a view efexx_
i get that you respect it and find it authorative, but its a view
shrug, ive heard MFA have the same debate
so even academically its not cut and dry
is that all you have now, calling me uninformed?
you are presenting this academic view as if it were universally accepted in academia

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abstract art is almost never understood
not really, definitely not always
its something to debate
for the artist, it may not have had any clear intent other than to produce the debate
a lot of the art community exists to monetize their works
its a network of expert opinions that create value
and its not universally respected
sure but the work is not understandable, it wasnt made to be
in any case, pushing this much further and you can define anything as art
then the 'art community' decides if it is worth value
much of the value comes from their networking with artists and experts
academically, thats the goal
or else it just looks like youre making shit to sell for money
and that reduces value

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the art world is commercial
burny: that somewhat works but the ceramics people will go off on you
why new?
its a blurry line
sculptors and functional ceramics artists bitch at each other over it
everything is interpretations of someone elses ideas
kind of how culture works, everything connected
so if someone comissions art with a basic description of what they want, the result is not art?
understanding is necessary?
you just killed like all of abstract art
oh so abstract art is not art
implimentation almost always requires some level of original ideas

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which i respect
their arts value is not dependent on their views
it depends on the view of others
and what they meant by their art is somewhat incidental
= pop music
and most abtract art
music is basically a commodity
a bit sad, but its easily true
milli vanilli
but your music is totally diff every time right effex
and everyone you have ever worked with is as pure in their intent as you
and no one was trying to just finish the day clock out collect paycheck and have a life
okay well it sounds like you have some milestones that you are applying to everyone
like you think its art because you decided and no one elses views matter
why is it craft is thats what you do to express yourself

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musicians are artists
artists make work and struggle
you can be a circuit designer and be an artist at it
if you design circuits for personal reasons, not money, arguably you are an artist
a session musician playing others music for a paycheck is maybe not an artist
in general, in the larger world of art, its generally accepted you will not get paid well or anything for the bulk of the work you create
but that largew body of work is maybe what contributes to your great works
be specific efexx_
i know professional artists efexx_, they dont get paid for most of what they create
and they generally claim most of their work sucks, but its what develops their technique
16:03:37 < efexx_> successful artists do ok for income.
successful anyone do okay for income
thats literally how we define success in our culture
blackmoon: haha neat
poor artists with good marketing skills get paid well
art school is a lot of networking
music industry would disagree with you efexx_
a lot of artists are bullshitters

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theyre not artists
and no one should work for free unless they want to
good artists want to work more than they want to make money
musicians should perform music for money
music writers should sell songs for money
anyway efexx_, youre really not contributing much to the convo that other language trolls havent said before
they deserve an income for producing something people want
they dont deserve an income for writing a song
if they need income to write songs, theyre prob not a very good artist
artists struggle
musicians were used by marketers to consumerize and monetize their work
which gave the impression they could walk into a room, perform music one time, and then spend the rest of their lives as rock stars

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efexx_ can see what he types so he decided its not tv
but me switching between onboards is tv
yeah i would like to continue that
basically, i paid money and it sucked and i think i am going to just go back to pirating
yeah hes an asshole too
anyway i pay for music now
its more convenient that stealing it and i have access to damn near everything i could want
pop musicians are bitching about how they cant be rich anymore
its great
musicians actually have to perform music to make money
what a novel concept!
throwing away money
no artists deserve anything concrete
artists struggle
music industry artists are spoiled bitches

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it means i use my tv as a computer monitor because fuck cable tv companies
so im supposed to make an F1 race?
i mean, i can click between onboards
and decide what drivers view i want to watch
also, when you were making TV, you were creating all the source material?
that track looks like mickey mouse
been around maybe 20 years and i still feel like its new
efexx_: no the video for the tv you were making
you watched it, no?
well, i bitch at F1 management in multiple forums
so like, i help make the show
sure but you watched media that you didnt create while helping make it
anyway, we get it you are better at media
also you are better at the environment
but i cant afford food
going outside takes energy
using energy is for the rich fucks

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so the ability to rewind the stream, like i can do with pirate Ace Player streams, is useful
i pay like $5 a race and i dont get that
and the audio is desynced
mt: especially since no one is talking about tv
ESPN3 is an online service
im talking about three different streaming options
the only reason a tv is involved is because i use a 40in tv as one of my monitors
if you dont like video media, why are you involved in this convo?
okay so youre just bitching about people not being able to afford the money or time to be there live
and short of this, they should just not experience their interests at all
got it
Monaco GP is expensive
like $10k easy
youre just not as pure as effex

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paying for F1 has been an uphill battle and the stream tech is a joke
theyve refunded me the last two races
i cant rewind the live stream, and the replays have podium finisher spoilers on the links
turns out i get espn3 for free with comcast
their stream is up like 10min after session end and the quality is great
this isnt tv
its motorsport
i can go there
but its international, so watching live means staying up or not sleeping for 4am races
okay well, watching races live sucks hard for following races
its a good experience, but you cant see the race
you just seem to have some hangups about media
i have dual screens
and i usually do shit while watching F1

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22.4 Ohms .25%
your link says im right
oh i guess 6 band is tempco
thats like 1800s shit
all has a bunch in their bins
all electronics
surplus shit, lots of dinosaur parts

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well then why are you worried about getting fucked?
its a likely result of being nice
so if you want to be nice, accept that you might get fucked
okay, so change nothing
i dont think shes going to do anything
well, maybe buy more stuff if you offer to help her do it
especially if she is about to be single and is on ssdi
because girl
its why you bought her stuff before
sculptor: 6% resistor
isnt last band tempco or some shit?
oh .25%, hardcore
no wonder i never see that shit

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if she is paying whats the issue
well of course, shes smart
its in your name
you are responsible for the payments, not her
unless you have a contract, she shouldnt have to pay, its been nice of her to pay
she can just pay someone else for some other car if its going to be drama
but she is making payments
ssdi is going to stop?
are you responsible for her ssdi payout?
shrug, gov paid for your car
point is you should probably ditch the car and cut your losses if you dont need it and youre not going to be with her

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the dealer might not even give a fuck unless you want to pay them a discounted rate to fix the car under warranty
the_gfr|w: that youre wasting their time?
if theyre not going to make money on the deal, why would they care
you dont owe the dealer
you owe the bank
the dealer got paid
they already made the money most likely
thats how the loan works
they setup the loan, the bank approves it, the bank gives them the money, you owe the bank
theyre not making anymore or less money regardless of what you do
theyll take the car back but youll still owe the bank
and theyre a dealer
theyre going to give you half of what they sold it to you for
so your best bet is selling private
so you basically rented a car
is the car in your name?
your wife sounds smart
mt: heheheh
was she going to pay for the car?

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preacher gotta get to work
preacher needs a mercedes because god says
politicians, non-profit status
that sounds like fraud
if there is debt you dont own the car the bank does
you cant just give away the banks car
and a write off isnt like, that amount off your taxes
its a reduction in income, so if your overall tax rate is like 20%, youre getting a 20% reduction in cost by writing it off
not 100%
most people dont understand writeoffs
so even if you wrote it off somehow, you would only be writing off 20% of the debt
depends on the bank

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i won
tall one got nice boobs when you win
that looks neat

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