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kevtris: neat
that happens to 317s
fairchild ones at least
shit i gotta go to bed

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blackmoon: thats how a lot of PCB ive worked on were
big companies have been fucked like 100 diff ways on projects, layouts are paranoid
they maybe had plan A-E and that was like, C
you change the bom and assembly instructions instead of the pcb
faster, cheaper, less scrap
and yes you are also maybe missing features, heh
ive never had a mobo with all the things =\
tho i think some of that shit is ancient and for low end boards
i hate it when there is a parport footprint filled with solder
no dude those are prob glued down plus huge pours
it just decapped?
blackmoon: yeah when you finally get it off and theres fucking glass showing, it was glued

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wait where are the caps
its all c97
just c97
yeah i guess just pairs instead of the electrolytics
because everyone is like fuck electrolytics
thats why no ceramics left
blackmoon: switched high enough they didnt need them
or they have a higher end card does more current
wheres cap for thing on top
with the 33nf coils
they prob do on the expensive ones
or they just had the pads if the higher speed switching didnt work out
or if they ran out of ceramics

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so they would get 3d polars, and fuck with shit for weeks
i dont think so

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lots more serial shit
kevtris: when i was doing ghz rf r&d rework, they would be like, CAN YOU PUT THIS 2PF CAP THERE THANKS
pretty crazy how this shit is basically at parasitic levels compared to standard parts
its prob just end terminals and epoxy
the inductors would just be a tiny pcb with a trace and a via
naw they didnt even have wires
but yeah the little tiny coils in glass were neat under boom scopes
like, wtf machine winds this shit
kevtris: i think they gotta tweak it for cable lengths and twists a lot
kevtris: also they had stargate antenna with turntable

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maybe they do some offset shit
naw they route sections
good autorouters its like routing busses as traces
still pretty interactive
lot of rule setup
like, you prob setup rules for a bus, and then set some area contraints or just drag bunches of traces
and all the ones ive seen are setup to shove busses around
like, you push bunch of traces and it just figures out the impedance squiggles
maybe not
software and capabilities maybe just got a little better

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thats prob why
are 32gb dimms a thing yet?
yeah thats why
were not getting cortex workstations next year
whatever if gskill is making it someone probably does 4ghz ram
i just like that im not touching chips
if i ESD the shit itll prob just jump to some power or ground plane
it might be worse on a lot of boards
like mine
just because of the reduced airflow
yeah thats prob like 11s on my shit

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00:44:47 < timecop> just bought 32gb ddr4, fucking $290 what a scam
G.SKILL Ripjaws 4 Series 32GB (4 x 8GB) 288-Pin DDR4 SDRAM DDR4 2666 (PC4 21300) Desktop Memory Model F4-2666C15Q-32GRR
$185, 2.5 years ago
hey im poor
for equiv speed?
its prob obsolete, is it 1st party newegg?
yeah wtf
pc died timecop
it already happened
they decided, fuck
hopefully we get some badass cortex workstations soon
be like, twice the size of a phone

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prob oxidized something
but i am not good at the chemistry

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or just wrap the bars up and pull them apart with the radiused part clamped
so all the transition is in spans between bars
yeah school kids did a project for a company testing nitonol stents for some gov mandated QA test
blackmoon: yeah like they install them and after awhile they just exand from body temp
surgeons use everything that can cut things
except maybe water jets because yeah thats not going to work out

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its just that
i wonder if you can get it to do thermocouple stuff
yeah totallies
well maybe i can tune it with wraps
like, basically have bars that it pulls together
try and turn that into a few revs
and have diff assemblies for diff temps
if you can get prestreched wire is maybe pretty simple?

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thing changes length like that and completely changes crystal structure, gotta do something to the resistance
no for my shit i can do whatever
i can just figure out how to use the oven temp delta to start it up
like a plate?
you can change the alloy to get specific temp/strain curves
they have applications where it basically flips around at body temp for some medical shit
well im saying i can prob find something that flips at oven temps
or i can do stages
like, diff temp wires
this idea you had is a super good idea
like, i think it actually works
without exploding kitchen
i mean, just making something where you can be like NITINOL POWERED would be cool
i guess it is nickel-titanium-something?

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fuckit if my springs harden
just wind some new ones before
oven coffee tumbler
because 10krpm flywheel is not ok
can prob figure out some ratchet shit
little pendulum
just use reg linear spring
prob super cheap like that
oh shit
oh shit
thats it
thats how
oh shit
or whatever
i can get it
lots of projects use it
guy working for my capstone project sponsor company wants me to help him with it
some idea
like, bunch of them dired off in sequence, $10 uC problem
*fired off
some sort of feedback loop on the wire
im like, i bet you can tempco the shit out of it

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the particle ones are like $15
i like doing boom scope rework with them
the gas ones
like, scope keeps the fumes out of me eyes, and i really like gas masks
like, freshest air in LA inside my gas mask
its kind of like getting off the plane at seatac
'holy shit i can literally smell the nothing. my base reference is so fucked up'

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dont breathe that
i need to get new carts or one of those 3m disposables
shits like10 years old
i should just take my mask to airgask and ask
i think the 3M ones are under $20
not sure tho

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i think AI progress will help us figure out our own brains in like 10-30 years
and then everyone not in power is fucked
i think the machines would be too afraid of humans to let them collectively process shit
from that perspective, smiths' attitudes makes perfect sense, they were ruthless assholes because they were scared out of their minds

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i saw the narrated version as a kid, saw the directors cut older, had to rewatch the original before i felt like i really got the whole thing
objectively in standardized testing, literature comprehension is my least developed skill
like, sometimes i understand things in ways that make sense but arent what they were going for
well that i understood completely
and then learning about computers later made it like, a great movie
2nd was okay, concepts in the 3rd were amazing but i kind of feel like the movie and a lot of the acting sucked
machines have cpus, can make more with less random variables
energy will always be a problem looking for solutions
if you scale it to near infinite energy, well figure out how to use it
i just think humans are capable of adapting their brains to process almost everything
i just dont think that is any way unique or not reproducible with human tech

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oled tv was the only tv i stopped in front of and went, woah, my entire life
like, 1080 was onmly impressive with very specific material
like, vietnam film on HD tv looks unreal
like, it looks real, which is not normal for most of that footage
i still havent seen new blade runner
shrug, its local lore, gotta see it at some point
im pretty sure you could try and make something close to the first and it wouldnt work out
like i dont think the original was necessarily what they were trying to make, either
i just think it ended up working out
like, the directors cut is almost impossible to follow if you havent already seen the narrated version
anyway, go away jero, ive been trying to do bank stuff for an hour and it keeps logging me out
yeah but had you read the book?

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i expected trash, they look like toys for skaters
jero32: have you listened to MDR-7506 and ATH-M50?
they are similar, ATH-M50 has more bass at the cost of some low end clarity
MDR-7506 is like, standard issue in studios, so its the closest thing you can call accurate
shrug, all the same supposedly
i made the sales guy tell me over and over they were using the same transducers
and i generally trust audio technica
jero32: accuracy is a hard call on headphones because they respond different on everyones head
so like, just using what producers use, a lot, is about as close as you can get to 'accurate'
yeah i got pads like that for my MDR7506 when the pads started coming off on my face
theyre all worn out too now
i dont use them much anymore
coily cable inconvenient, theyre 15 years old, pretty sure i blew them out setting up a test stand
measurement looks right but L and R dont match so great, close enough tho, was maybe 1.5 or 2 dB in the middle
kk, nite

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anyway, sony made great non-IEM earbuds for like 20 years
about $20, cool little real up case
they killed them, the news ones are same price but sound shit
basically they sound how they should for the money, and unreal bass for non-in-ear
wait i mixed that up
the old ones have unreal bass, the new ones sound like they cost $15
ive had good luck with cheap skull candy shit, i think they sell non-IEM buds
but turns out tetsuo was working there when i bought skull candy shit, so makes sense the acoustics were top shit
but he doesnt anymore, so maybe sucks
haha, i was like why these earcups so small on my over ears? he like, yeah i told them but they ignored me =(
its cheap and certain models are basically what you pay for
but i had hesh2, and i had to listen to a lot of tracks before i could find missing shit, vs MDR-7506
lots of bass, lots of distortion
however, v-moda crossfade are voice the same, with fucking crazy low THD
like, some of the best headphones ive measured

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grease packing seems way significant, i was surprised
rab: haaaaaaa
rab: i did not find those that comfy
the oval port
also, did i mention mine came apart?
yeah im amazed i can feel that
but the hub packing was like, night and day, fun vs work
we got tons of loose bearings at work so im like fuckit
jero32: most good earbuds will come with like 4 or 6 tips
jero32: if you want legit very credible ear buds that are physically built to be more comfy, get etymotics
the port is like less than half the diamater of most earbuds
and they sell hearing analysis kids that basically use same earbuds
yeah great monitors
but theyre analytical, they are not exciting and half flat sounding bass
which is about 6 to 10 dB cut versus what most people are used to for happy bass
good earbuds for kids which are sensitivity limited
their cheap shit is fine, its basically normal transducers
they have armature stuff for $$$ if you want to pay it

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haha stfu
bjork and goldie amazes me
like, i dont know who scored who or who was wearing the pants
like, hes generally known as an asshole
like, mfkr is a legend, and junglists are afraid to pick him up from the airport
i wonder if it was intentional for TV broadcast
like how a lot of music is mastered not to push shit earbuds now
switching gears, 5 mile commute it not so bad
flat land i seem to be able to bike as far as i walk, almost indefinitely
find other ones
IEMs or actual buds?
rab: maybe because i run very light grease in my hubs and my chain is dripping with triflow?

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blackmoon: they are, and the equipment to test it is widely available
and surprisingly, layouts pushed to pretty extreme limits, as far as part spread and noise sources, still perform really well
rab: i think it was basically a compromise born out of the analog sections of early gear
like, they used the dynamic range and got fucked on some popular cd players
so they swung the other way
i think like, 3dB became a rule of thumb, maybe it was 6dB, but yeah you basically lose a bit or so
oh weird i should try and find that ive heard that a bunch pretty sure
my bro prob still has thousands of CDs
i bought that because piano fish
anyway that sterile thing is like, 8b of res
40dB down is where producers hide their ambient overdubs and random shit

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its a reason for an old tech not to let their company sell or scrap their fav gear
i dont think it would be hard to demo, either
no diff that most studios having tube compressors and preamps around even tho theyre long gone full digital at the IOs
i actually like the idea of digital loop backs through analog gear, and having analog front ends available
jero32: you have what is available at any given moment with a given deadline
yeah i bet early digital shit ended up with lots of plain white frames or almost darkness
jero32: a lot of high end front ends dont have adjustable attenuators
because 24b audio with app note circuits, youre pretty much approaching 1 stage resistor noise
so like, ultra minimalism is how you one-up the competition, and now its basically a category of gear
rab: wasnt there like 3db of trash on most CD outputs?
because somehow sensitivity became a spec and fuck spending more on power supplies and opamps

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im kind of annoyed intel and microsoft havent just redone windows to support some intel cortex solution
shrug, theyll have internal clouds for exactly that reason
ill bet all the competitor internal documentation ive ever seen went home on someones laptop
rab: right i kind of think were at that threshold were cost of gear is the issue, not tech
right, i basically think there are a lot of secondary things where film wins out
like, tossing accuracy out and just going with visual experience
yeah exactly
is the dynamic range really better? or it just saturates better?
in which case youre basically making tube preamp arguments

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like, you couldnt make amazingly nuanced tracks, but you could definitely make clean tracks for most any genre of music
shrug, non-produced music production
say for mobile ads, some sort of embedded advertising system, toys, very cheap safety equipment, shrug
like, music and movie industry is the glory and hype, but audio work exists in basically every industry
almost all electronic devices have transducers now
well for mastering though
8b/44.1kHz is more than enough for like 99% of all non music/movie audio production
using AGC and compression, its probably a pretty good choice for voice transmission
anyway hard drives in a typical sense are probably going to die off versus embedded/ioT/cloud type memories

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24b is actually perfect for media processing
for mastered matterial, where all bits can be used, 16b is way more than enough
anyway youcan see the diff on measurement equipment, but almost no one can abx the shit
well you typically try to record lower to capture dynamics
10-20dB is typical for music
movie editors are pretty nuts, like 20-60 dB headroom
60dB is throwing away 10 bits
so theyre only working with 14 bits with very extreme headroom
well, maybe fucked
if you dont care about SNR, you can prob get away with 8b for a lot of stuff
8b * 6dB/b = 48dB
40dB sounds pretty muted

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the sound quality is noticable trash, arguably you can say the warmer tones are better to listen to, but it just means loss in high end resolution
but fuckit, its tactile and fun
its pretty trash
and it degrades with each listening
similar to tape
its not the 44.1 16b you can get today
its not even 192kbps mp3
reel to reel is ridiculous
if you cant ABX that im not taking it that seriously
the jump from default 128k mp3 to 192 is huge, 192 to 224 is hard to pick out
above 224, and people with magic ears, confirmed with ABX testing on shit universally claimed as imperceptible, were absolutely fine with mp3 source material at high bitrate
they couldnt tell the diff between stereo 324 (or whatever, the highest) and cd
so yeah, audiophiles going on about mp3 are trash are basically full of it
joint stereo has issues, 128kbps has major issues, especially with non harmonic sounds like distortion and ambient pads

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right because its high res and adjacent colors blend
like, there probably are no hard transitions
thats basically what i mean by resolution
the better they make the chemical process, the smaller that transition zone will be, but it will prob never approach the sharpness of adjacent pixels
and i dont think you can fix that with dsp tricks
i think thats a biproduct of what im talking about and not something perceptible at normal viewing distances
like all this shit is basically perceived at a semi-concious level
its neither really, the evaluation depends on what youre talking about
is it a better experience? it might well be, for most everyone
is it more accurate? possibly not even close
jero32: thats basically how i treat vinyl records

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but in general film is pretty fragile, super sensitive to like, everything
sure but compare that to the highest end digital tech?
my guess is you cant even match resolution and noise specs
digital is lossless
once you have the resolution high enough, film becomes art and tactile pleasure
no diff than with audio
analog mediums are basically an effect process
can make for endless fuckups, too
yeah i dont think there are any valid reasons for recording on tape other than nostalgia and ignorance
want the tape sound, run the digital signal through a tape loop and push it back to digital
smarter thing would just be to impulse response the tape deck and DSP process it

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and digital didnt happen until the early 90s, and it was mostly used for really shit news shows
like a current affair
thats what me and a dickhead eng/ops VP talked about over drinks in korea
he worked at avid when they did the digital video editing systems
it was intended to be quick movie editing
like, you drop all the film to digital, edit on a pc, and then cut up the film how you spliced the digital content
so cut the film once, basically
but TV shows just ran with it because quick, get the news story up faster
thats why early 90s news shows looked like complete shit
it was basically jpeg frames
thats how its done since if film is used, unless some art shit
but that they just went fuckit and used it for close-to-live TV was one reason digital media took off quick
i dont think the quality is really there either
compared to high density CCD paired with professional optics
like, maybe in a lab environment

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i absolutely dont care about the saturation
actual theater color was prob all over the place, anyway, plus everyone say this on VHS, on their TV, with their wacked out color settings
new pallete is fine
loss of detail is not okay
if dropping the number of colors loses detail, they fucked the scene up
consistent with what?
it almost cant be if theyre using auto generated pallets
i mean from theater to theater
but yeah the cells prob depend a bit on the artist and day
shrug, you can do that with your tv
you cannot do that to restore details if they just turned the detail into the same color
like, count, all they did was remove a couple colors
and that was enough to fuck the detail
if theyre doing backgrounds and characters with the same pallet, which would be the straight forward thing to do, they have major problems
because ther backgrounds were almost never cell shaded
they're basically traditionally shaded painting
was prob restored a long time ago
because it was prob a super easy job
by the early 80s, sybndiction had become a thing
my guess is storage gad become more standardized in the 70s
basically when pre-digital sitcomes were a thing

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wow that restorartion looks totally shit
i dont think they adjusted contrast
i think its a cell shader algorithm
they created a limited pallete and mapped to it, done
add the smoothness
so anything detailed with line colors close to the color its over will just get dropped
someone needed to justify their departments budget
welcome to capitalism
fuck i need marijuana but i have no energy to transfer the paypal and do the phone
shes 8 colors
she was maybe 10 before but lines are too fine for mobil

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