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but like, no homologation other than wind tunnel tests and body scans, no production requirements, so still prototypes
windshields gonna be wider and theyre gonna have rooflines like roadcars
look more like the GT classes, just way faster
also theyre going to have a standard hybrid system and ecu, built around the front wheels for easy integrations
if you design your own hybrid system, you have to lease it to all other teams
looks like they want about 1000hp combines, 1/4 coming from the hybrid system
fuel flow limits, but no engine configuration regs, anything goes

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sculptor: https://youtu.be/HR2U9rGoMK4
full screen, no ads, w/ commentary
can rewind this one
did you see new rules?
i dont think many people watch the whole thing
i try to watch a lot of night racing, catch the end
but new rules are dropping lmp1 prototypes
theyre doing hypercars instead

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sculptor: no commentary?

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sculptor: alonso gonna win it
2/3 the way to triple crown if his car wins
if montoya wins he has second triple crown, only other person is graham hill like 50 years ago
but montoya isnt LMP1 class
so like, the fastest cars all have to fail hard

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tecan: why do you want it to be lighter?
i suggest making them as heavy as possible
its going to add mass and increase rigidity at your truss mounting points, both of these things should increase stability
then the extruder tip itself is going to have rigidity issues
shrug, normal repraps sway

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