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that sounds fun
can the core reprogram the fpga?

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sounds like us
neat demo
smokkin: what are the option buttons on top for?
mine has a vector graphics DSO, pretty much same scope
yeah its goofy but i <3 mine

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jero32: its not the same category of machine honestly
even high end DIY stuff didnt do well in an r&d lab when i saw it happen
like, couple weeks of getting it to run well, few weeks of good prints, then something breaks or changes, couple days or weeks of getting it to print right again
stratasys and objet printers are great for cosmetic and fit, but theyre like $50k to $300k, and are still pretty shitty for prototyping injection molded parts
like, screw boses for plastic tap screws always split
and its not consistent in stress properties, either point to point, or a point when considering multiple axis
like, its not really a homogeneous engineering material

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eh, bm does actual fab work, i dont know if i ever seen him involved in dfm 3d print convos

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