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gpf: on contact?
or seperation
separation? i think seraration
jero32: kind of depends what youre switching, caps and ferrites can work with most any signal
damn i typoed it again
i need a nap, fuck 5mi bike commute
go sleep

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told the final project professor i think they should do it soon, hes already 1000% for it
maybe cut the number of retarded 3d printing dialogs in classes
like, bitches you supposed to DFM your shit
like, inside no radius features with HUUUUUGE stress concentrations in the FEA
like, bitches you couldnt just hit the fillet button and click on two lines?
jero32: our final project is two semester, for a company (or gov research lab, or another department at school)
one semester design, one semester fab

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naw, he likes learning about wood tools but his ruski mech eng wife wont let him have anything
they got a little apartment, hes already got an entire room for a lab, and his junk taking up all the balcony
those guys just do drawings
actually i guess i am kind of one of those guys now
mechanical engineering kind of owns the mechatronic engineering program
which is cool because EE program here aint great
MECH and MECA programs pretty cohesive, final project is mixed between the two majors, glad i did it
they want to bring the manufacturing guys onto the teams too, i heard from exboss, just graduated the mfg program

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when i met him, the odd transistor was a minor annoyance
years later is like, yo they send me transistors its like they are evenly spaced across the spec range, they fucked me, ren, they fuck me
blackmoon: haha does it just fall off if you clamp it on some shit sideways?
oh in all directions, ha
mount to cieling
youre using LED or CFL or what?
whats converter rated at?
ha should be pretty light
ball pivots barely work after broken in without loading them funny

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been complaining about it like the 10 years i known him, but i guess now theyre *all* gone
also hed buy transistors and almost none of them would match up
like everyone had already binned them and the entire world selling the leftovers
there arent several batches left
buying them from ebay
ya almost all of it
not really
like, his own shit outside of work is all tubes
but he likes to buy 70s solid state stuff and rebuild it
he also has an AP system one and lots of test gear in his home lab
so if he swaps in something modern and it works but he measures it, and its only okay and not how its supposed to be, its like he wasted his time and money

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TI prob still makes it
honestly, if shit fails you just need to make sure it doesnt catch file
and thats usually handled in the power supply
discrete has never been ideal unless thermal considerations means you can pack parts that close
very few power amps will outdo LM3886
the AB output TDA parts from ST are also really good
pretty much
but for cost in a lot of circuits, and power shit, usually gotta spread shit out
in mass producrtion qty, nothing will be cheaper than a bunch of 2n3904 and 2n3906
other hacker says all his fav transistors are EOL, hes like fuckit im retired anyway

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jero32: cheap, or integrating feature into the circuit itself
for example, there is a cheap circuit with very high performance that uses a pot somewhere in the long tail pair circuit to adjust bias current and gain
or youre just that fucking good
anyway, modern shit, it almost always for cost as there are app specific IC that will usually outperform
also, most opamps wont go past 18V
so if youre doing a frontend for a power amp, you almost always have to go at least semi-discrete
like, maybe opamp with transistor totem output integrated into the feedback loop
but there are app specific IC that can deal with that to
you can just use a chipamp to drive the power amp section
natsemi made a monolithic opamp specific for driving output sections

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