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floor sweepings arent the only problem
something on a reel can be fake
wtf gosjean crashed and red flagged the qually

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yes, but not all of them

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yes that is directly from china, bad voodoo

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blackmoon: holy fuck very danger

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anyway, all the docs were in chinese
basically, factory had been sending the same three chinese cert docs, or a internal database user had just been copying the same cert docs to cover all the shit
repeat for ROHS docs, hundreds of parts
the docs looked like they had been photocopied 20 times
like, even if we could read chinese we prob still couldnt read it

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so i was pissed when a VP decided the r&d techs needed to do the electronic safety certification self compliance checks
had consultants, were trash, lots of hours, lots of talk, no clear guidance at the end
hired a guy, compliance engineer, i guess
played a decent acoustic guitar, which would get you pretty far at this company
gone after two days, like what
like, you guys paying prob $100k+ salary equiv to these guys, and they cant tell you what parts need what docs and what gaps need to be where and what needs double insulation for this supply in this case with this rating with this set of compliance labels
we'll let the techs figure it out
same reason they send the techs to do manufacturing support
mfkrs are scared

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18:47:39 <@Rab> GPF, I'd never buy semiconductors from China. I see Mouser has 2N6027 in stock, although it's about twice that price.
not directly, at least
i need someone domestic to hold responsible
fuck the inverted time zone drama
i bet a ton of digikey USA shit hits their warehouses in china first
and if were doing china CM fab, id prob try and have digikey or mouser in china to direct ship
still somewhat gambling if you dont have boots on the ground

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