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blackmoon: did you hit them with a torch or is that just work hardened from roughing?

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burny: my a/c only has a remote interface

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so they dont need to sell a remote and stock batteries

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like, sampling rates an order of magnitude or two slower, so implimentation isnt going to be an issue
and bose got a ton of matlab dorks to figure out the feedback loops
kevtris: redbull figured out a passive mass-damper system that worked with theior F1 cars suspension
like, it basically got the suspension to hop over curbs and stabilize fast, couple other teams got it tuned but a lot just wasted r&d time on it, then bant

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blackmoon: BOSE like, oh car companies trying to figure out active spring-mass-damper DSP systems? hold my beer...
shrug, 3" drivers gonna act like 3" drivers
like, when they want to make a point they can, but most of their stuff measures like meh
its a lot like velodyne and lidar systems
a lot of tech developed for audio is overkill for automation control applications

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i had colecovision controllers for my atari 7800

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right my dad had these switcher boxes for diff stuff, and most gear had a ch3/ch4 switch
anyway, i watched a lot of the war at grandmas
she had a big tv

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missile in one side, all other entries blown out, who knows who inside, except that somnetimes it was moms and kids
and the m1a1 tank battles
entire iraq battions wiped out in seconds by turrets flying through sand at like 40mph
roll call audio, one or two tank teams taken out by friendly fire
and the helicopter video of soldiers marching down the blown out highway, things to ashy to be bloody
bush stopped it before it became a real war
the war was for me, kid on a couch watching CNN between mariokart sessions
everything was on channel 3
heh, thats the station the cable boxes streamed out to

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yeah we have a special branch of armed forces whose core mission is just to be more badass, more fearless
to somehow turn them into polite, insane maniac killers, with ideals and ethics
all training is brain washing
military training keeps people alive in situations where there are no safety regulations and no environmental control
they have to operate against a lot core human instincts, and they do that by enforcing the pack instinct
rab: yes i believe that
the war was produced for me
i sat and watched hot metal rain down and fly up into the iraqi sky, i heard f117 flying over reporters, i watched the guides bomb strike video
bunker, after bunker, after bunker

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'and when we got out of the chopper, we were surrounded by aghani kush. thats what i knew what i had to do.'
anyway, i would vote tulsi for president or VP as long as her runningmate wasnt a hawk
this girl is pretty much texas tulsi, you cant really make very good assumptions about why people join the mil
a lot of it has to do with economics, not idealism
and i think its ridiculous to think a person leaving the military is the same as the person who joined it
then you only have one type of people running shit
and everyone can be compromised

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so replace with a multinational force under international command
americans can help
rab: haha

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my personal views on the issue is america should abandon all foreign bases, and any operations outside of america should be part of multilateral forces, such as the UN, under non-american command
would i get elected in her district? never

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military training is a complicated thing
i dont disagree with you, and i wont defend those wars, but those types of people have saved lives, too
i think her primary goals are honorable ones
and even if i disagree with her on secondary issues, i think shes a better alternative than who is holding office in that area

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yeah soldier complicity is a complicated issue
but shes running in texas

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