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dearest friend girl has given me persmission to put her brain or conciousness or whatever in a robot, as long as i give her the option to turn herself off
because i was uncomfortable about having to turn her off if she was annoyed to be woken up

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if two people do that, is it an orgy?
well, four people, two couples

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anyway, i dont have any issues with it unless its fucking with kids
but lots of families fuck up kids for all sorts of reasons
mostly its not illegal
efexx: sounds staged to me
an orgy is a sexual act
i think filmed sex is still sex
some def are
okay well, by your definition, maybe warehouse party orgies happen, maybe not
you say they like swingers are some homogeneous hive mind
they seem to be all sorts of crazy
also, im pretty sure group sex has broken out in areas of plenty of large organized parties, no cameras
regular sex is common
fuckin borgore show
like, only girl at the bro step show was getting it from her bf from behind on the dancefloor

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its kind of like jerking off, shrug
just with more logistics
definitely way more work
in retrospect i did pretty good in my 20s for an antisocial introverted geek
orgy can be a whole lot of things
like, 4 people is a lot diff than a warehouse full of people with a DJ
ifr an orgy was done just for the video and profit, it is still an orgy?
then who knows
yeah but its people together fucking openly
and like, almost all orgies are staged?
i mean, there are probably those once in a blue moon random orgies
but shit like that usually takes some level of planning
people got jobs and kids, other hobbies
more than two people takes a lot of coordination
shit i didnt really like the amount of coordination necessary just for a normal relationship

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i didnt chase her into storm drain puddles that dont make it all the way to the ocean except during storms
right i think my issue with orgies is swingers in general, i dont think i would get alone much
rab: its basically like anarchy. anarchists would ruin it.
most people arent trusting enough and are too attached for it to work
its not like it couldnt work, but they would be exceptional people in the right circumstances
i havent no problems with letting people try and mostly fucking their relations up
if kids involved it maybe sucks, but i dont think it should be illegal
i have a bigger problem with extremely xtian households
i dont think that should be illegal, either
beliefs are fine, if people behave fucked, let them know
rab: yeah ex tried, was comical
i just went along like, ya this isnt going to work but at least we get to hang out
unemotional sex is kind of crappy in comparison

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17:53:45 < jero32> orgies seem so awkward to me
ive had some great awkward sex
sex with a lesbian? totally awkward, way fun tho
it would really depend on the circumstance, of course
but i mean, ive fucked at a venice beach lifeguard tower like half of LA natives, and chased a girl into the waste water, both of us naked
her friend was like, doing her own thing, drunk
and extra naked girls i dont think i would have minded
extra guys, definitely not as interesting, but again, in the right circumstances, maybe
its not like i have any moral issues with it
so it would just be how comfortable i would be in the situation, and with guys involved, i think it would be a very unlikely situation
but who knows
not like im trying to be married or maintain relationships at the moment of in the foreseeable future
by wastewater, i just mean the ocean at venice beach

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