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1 in front wants to tip

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8x10x12", fuuu

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says BAE, will prob do a bit more than that current spec, heheh

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blackmoon: $28 shipped, so like 1.40ea, thats a semi reputable china brand
its on the edge of too cheap
it might not stay 5000mAH
but theyre getting towards that
i have samsung (maybe) 18650, were maybe $3 each couple years ago
theyre not like new, but they still work
well, i think making an 18650 pack is prob cheapest option
but i think youre going to get what you pay for
ultrafire will work, but i dont think they will last
but if you discharge only maybe like, 50%, who knows, last forever
lipos are prob way lighter
i dunno about cheaper
it might make more sense to get cheaper cells with higher capacity, and just babying them
run them low current, dont discharge much

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make kid pods

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sculptor: yeah sounds like too crazy for them to swin out

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i thought they got out?

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